A Cheap Inflatable Paddleboard… That is Tough Too

Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP ImagesWho This SUP is For:

Sometimes you just want an inexpensive piece of sports equipment that you can go have fun with and not worry about it breaking. No need for fancy features that help you go fast or do fancy tricks – just well-made equipment that lets you have fun.

That’s what you get with the Aqua Marina inflatable SUP. It’s your basic inflatable paddleboard that is great for families with kids or paddling around calm lakes or bays.

Great for Saving Money While Traveling

Maybe you want to have a fun activity to do while on your next trip to Hawaii or Mexico – but you don’t want to hassle with renting boards – not to mention alone pay the high rental fees resorts often charge. These boards are great for that. Not only can you enjoy them at beaches, you can take them on camping trips or out to a local lake.

Cool Feature

Use the D-rings (there are 7 of them) to attach stuff to the top of your SUP, like picnics, drinks, etc..If you need to keep items dry, simply use a waterproof dry bag. They don’t cost a lot, and they enable you transport items like cameras, phones and other electronics without worrying if they’ll get wet.

It’s Shorter

This inflatable SUP is shorter than most other boards. It measures at 9’9″ in length, while competitors generally run between 10′ and 11′ long (ie. the Jobe SUP is 10’6″).

This feature is neither good nor bad. However, larger people are better off using a larger board. On the other hand, smaller boards are often easier to navigate than the larger bulkier version. In general, longer, wider, thicker SUPs provide more stability for paddlers while they are standing up.

Instant $100 Savings with Free Paddle

Many low-cost SUPs include a pump, but they don’t include a paddle, which can cost upwards of $100. With the Aqua Marina SUP, the paddle is included. You can consider this an instant savings of $100, which means you’re really getting a deal.

What You May Not Like About it:

This is your basic board – not bells and whistles, so don’t expect incredible performance. It won’t be speedy, it will be more challenging to navigate waves and surf and it will not ride as high in the water as other 6″ thick boards (this SUP is 4″ thick).

That said, you get a lot for your money with this package:

  • Aqua Marina Inflatable Paddleboard
  • High Pressure Air Pump
  • 3-Piece Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • 3 Removable Fins
  • Carrying Bag

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