Jobe Inflatable SUP Review

First of All, the Jobe Inflatable SUP is On Sale

Jobe inflatable supHere’s a really nice inflatable SUP that’s on sale for about 30% off the original price. It’s a complete set – meaning it comes with a pump, gauge, adjustable 3-piece paddle, carrying bag, repair kit and ankle leash.

The Waterproof SUP Bag is Awesome.

The carrying bag also doubles as a dry bag. If you’ve ever gone paddleboarding without a dry bag, you’ve probably wished you had one. It gives you the ability to carry a lot more stuff without worrying whether it will get wet or not, and with this set, you don’t have to go out and buy one.

And You Get a Free SUP Leash…

The leash is a great addition too. This is the first SUP set that I’ve seen that includes a leash. They are really nice to have when you are paddlesurfing in the ocean so you don’t have to worry about the waves carrying your board away from you if you happen to fall off of it.

What About the Color of the Jobe Paddle Board?

I like the bright red color as well. When you paddle on a lake, bay or body of water that also has speed boats, it’s a good idea to have bright-colored gear. Therefore, boaters can more easily see you.

And the Jobe Can Save You Money!

Last, but not least, it comes with free shipping through Amazon. You can save so much money on this gear that I wouldn’t be surprised if they raised the price soon. Check it out if you think you might like it.

Watch the video below if you want to see the Jobe inflatable paddleboard in action and see how it works:

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