How to Find a Better Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board…

Do you want an inflatable yoga paddle board that actually helps you balance better while out on the water? The SHUBU Flow SUP has several advantages over other boards that will have you doing paddleboard yoga in no time!

How to Do Paddleboard Yoga on a Boardworks SHUBU Flow SUP

The SHUBU Flow offers several features that make it better for doing yoga poses. As a result, beginners get less frustrated, and you’ll get more value out of your board.

3 Reasons Why the SHUBU Flow Makes a Better Yoga SUP:

Shubu Flow Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board1. First of all, it has a wide, stable shape, so it doesn’t wobble around as much. The center measures about 3-5 inches wider than other SUPs, plus the nose and tail have more of a square shape versus pointed ends.

2. Second, top has a comfortable, no-slip traction pad that runs almost the entire length of the board. Therefore, you can “grip” onto your paddle board like you would a yoga mat, and worry less about slipping.

3. Third, the side rails have additional D-rings, so you can secure your paddle to the board while doing yoga poses. This allows you to stow your paddle out of the way and still take it with you to paddle after your session.

Note: That said, the D-rings don’t have straps to actually attach the paddle to the board, so I’d get them separately. I like velcro straps because they’re easy to use and cheap. You can actually get a multi-pack for about $10, and then use them for more things, like organizing cords, wires, etc..

SHUBU Flow Paddleboard Package:

  • Inflatable SUP
    Includes a full-length yoga mat style deck pad, classy wood-look bottom and plenty of D-rings and bungee straps for securing gear to your SUP.
    Shubu Flow SUP Paddle with Matching Graphics

  • Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
    This upgraded carbon fiber paddle weighs less than standard paddles, so it is easier to use. Generally, paddles weigh about 2 pounds or less (so they’re not heavy). However, after an hour of paddling, you can notice a difference.

    Also, you can adjust the length of the shaft, and it breaks apart into 3 pieces. Consequently, it packs up better in the travel backpack. Plus, the matching graphics look cool too.

  • High Pressure Air Pump with Gauge
    This simple portable air pump enables you to blow up your board anywhere without needing a power source. However, the manual design does require some effort and about 10 minutes of time. Some people choose to get an electric air pump that they can plug into their car.

  • FCS II Quick Connect Tri-Fin
    This specially-designed fin doesn’t require tools. Plus, you can quickly install or remove it for travel.

    SUP Travel Backpack with Shoulder Straps & Wheels

  • Heavy-Duty Carrying Bag
    This bag conveniently turns into a backpack, so you can carry all of your paddling gear hands-free. It also has several side handles and wheels at the base, so you can roll it on the ground.

    This sturdy pack has such a user-friendly design that you may decide to use it for other travel adventures as well.

  • Repair Kit

Specs for the SHUBU Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board

SHUBU Flow Inflatable Paddleboard

  • Dimensions: 10’2″ Long x 35″ Wide x 5″ Thick
  • Weight Capacity: 245-300 lbs (depending on skill level)
  • Board Weight: 27 lbs
  • Max PSI: 15 PSI
  • Material: Dual Fusion Laminate Military-Grade PVC
  • High Density Drop Stitch Core
  • (3) FSC2 fins
  • Color: Sea Foam with Faux Wood Design
  • Model: SHUBU
  • Manufacturer: Boardworks Surf & SUP
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the SHUBU Flow SUP


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