Jobe Aero SUP – Streamlined Design for Faster Paddling

Want a faster, more streamlined inflatable paddleboard? Look no further. This SUP works great for paddling long distances…

Jobe Aero SUP - 12 foot 6 inch Inflatable Paddleboard Package with pump, paddle, backpack

Jobe’s complete stand-up paddleboard package includes all of the gear and accessories that other packages have. However, the long, narrow shape of this SUP makes it glide through water faster than other inflatables.

This makes it ideal for longer expeditions where you want to cover more ground. Or… if you want to move further with less effort.

In comparison: many inflatable SUPs run between 31″ and 34″ at their widest point. The Jobe Aero measures 29″ wide. This can make a significant difference when it comes to speed, especially when you have a 12’6″ long board.

While the narrower design allows you to move more quickly with less effort, it does require more balance. In other words, this board is not the best choice for beginners. The iRocker 10’6″ or 11′ boards make great beginner SUPs.

Other Cool Features I Like:

First of all, the package includes a waterproof backpack. Therefore, it can double as a dry bag and carry your gear while you are paddling. In addition to being convenient, this feature can save you money from having to purchase a dry bag.

Second, the SUP has bungee straps on both the front and rear of the board. Many SUPs only have one set of bungees, so this gives you more versatility as to how much gear you can carry and where you want to put it.

Third, the carrying handle at the center of the platform includes a built-in paddle holder. So, if you are practicing paddleboard yoga, for example, you can secure your paddle without having to worry about it rolling off into the water.

Jobe Aero Inflatable SUP Package Includes:

  • iSUP
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • High Pressure Air Pump with Built-In Gauge
  • Waterproof Carrying Backpack
  • Coiled Leash (specifically for paddleboarding)
  • Patch Repair Kit
  • Get the Package Here

But Wait! You have More SUP Options…

Jobe Sports also makes shorter versions, including the 11’6″ Jobe Aero and the 10’6″ Jobe Aero inflatable paddleboards.

All 3 packages include high pressure air pumps, along with paddles, backpacks, etc.. In addition, they all feature the same high quality construction.

Construction of the Jobe Aero Inflatable SUP:

How are the 3 SUPs Different? The shorter boards offer more stability because they have a wider mid-point. On the other hand. the longer 12’6″ model moves faster through the water due to its narrower mid-point and streamlined shape. In addition, the shorter boards costs a few hundred dollars less.

Jobe Aero SUP Specs:

  • Dimensions: 12’6″ long x 29″ wide x 6′ thick
  • Size: 340 liters
  • Weight: 20.9 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Includes 8″ nylon detachable fin
  • About the Company: Jobe Sports
  • Get the Jobe SUP Here



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