Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart – What’s the Best Value?

Before you buy an Inflatable SUP, compare the top brands. Plus, many inflatable paddleboards have similar features, and knowing these will help you shop and compare. (Inflatable SUP Size Guide at bottom of page.)

Inflatable SUP

Best Price Rating
Board Length SUP Thickness Max PSI
SUP Package Includes: Special Paddleboard Features

ROC Inflatable SUP

ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

$699 $399 4.8 10′ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/Gauge, 3-Piece Paddle, Removable Fin, Safety Leash, Mini Drybag & Carrying Backpack This summer’s most popular inflatable paddleboard. Lightweight (only weighs 17.5 lbs), yet it has a higher weight capacity of 300 lbs. Shorter length makes it more maneuverable in the water too.
ROC Inflatable SUP Review

Bluefin Cruise Hybrid SUP Kayak

Bluefin Cruise Hybrid Inflatable SUP Kayak with Detachable Seat

$550-$999 4.5 10’8″
6″ 15-18 PSI Triple Action Air Pump w/Gauge, Collapsible Paddle (w/ Second Blade), Removable Fabric Seat, 3 Fins, Heavy Duty Backpack & Coil Leash Get a paddleboard and sit-on-top kayak in one piece of equipment. Plus, carbon fiber rail construction makes this SUP extra rigid and able to inflate to a higher PSI. Also includes extra fast pump to minimize inflation time. =)
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Aqua Marina
Super Trip Tandem SUP

Aqua Marina Tandem 2-Prson SUP

$950 4.7 14′ 6″ 18 PSI XL Backpack, 2 Double Action Pumps & 2 Center Tracking Fins This tandem SUP is designed to carry 2 people. It has a wider, more stable design, plus more room to carry extra gear. Plus, it offers an affordable and easy-to-transport option for people looking for a 2-person paddleboard.
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Nixy Newport G4
Paddle Board

Nixy Newport G4 Inflatable SUP

$895-$985 4.8 10’6″ 6″ 15 PSI Dual Chamber Triple Action Pump, Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle, 3 Fins, Coiled Leash, Multi-Use Backpack, Repair Kit High quality inflatable SUP with premium accessories (good value for the money). Plus, this ultra-lightweight, user-friendly board is great for beginners and performs well for everyday paddling. Review of Nixy Newport G4

Drift Inflatable SUP

Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

$449 $399 4.8 10’8″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Removable Fin, 3-Piece Aluminum Paddle, Backpack & Repair Kit Affordable, yet durable, well-made paddle board perfect for people getting started with paddleboarding. Versatile, stable design for surf, yoga and travel. Plus, lightweight, compact design that’s easier to carry.
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iRocker Nautical SUP

iRocker Nautical Paddle Board Package

$399-$569 4.8 10’6″ or
6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump, Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle, 3 Removable Fins, Coiled Leash, Backpack & Repair Kit Well-made all-around touring board (fitness, travel, yoga, pets, etc..) that costs less than many competitors. Plus, it has additional D rings to attach kayak seat (sold separately). Also, shorter 10’6″ board more maneuverable for kids.
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FBS Sport
Inflatable SUP

FBS Sport Inflatable Paddleboard

$419 $339 4.5 10′ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, Removable Fin, Collapsible Paddle, Ankle Leash & Carrying Backpack Budget-friendly board that also has a heavy-duty reinforced construction. Easy to travel with and good length for teens and smaller adults.
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Serenelife Flow
Inflatable SUP

Serenelife FLOW Inflatable SUP Package

$700 $370 4.6 10’6″ 6″ 15 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, Collapsible Paddle, Removable Fin, Leash, Mini Waterproof Bag & Heavy Duty Backpack Conveniently lightweight SUP (19.6 lbs) can carry up to 300 lbs. Colorful graffiti design makes it easy to spot in the water, plus extra D-rings and cargo bungee make it easy to transport gear on board.
Get the Flow SUP here

Boardworks Shubu Raven
Fast Inflatable SUP

Boardworks SHUBU Raven Inflatable Paddleboard

$1050-$1150 4.6 12’6″ 6″ 18 PSI High Pressure Air Pump w/ Gauge, Collapsible Travel Paddle, Removable Fin, SUP Backpack on Wheels, Repair Kit This long, slim, extra-rigid SUP gives you speed and stability even in river rapids and ocean surf, due to its reinforced sidewalls and higher PSI. As a result, it makes a better racing SUP & good for adventure travel.
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Yoga Paddle Board

Shubu Flow Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board

$995 4.9 10’2″ 5″ 15 PSI Carbon Fiber Paddle, High Pressure Air Pump, Removable Fin, Backpack on Wheels & Repair Kit Extra wide paddleboard and almost full-length comfortable traction pad make this inflatable SUP perfect for doing yoga on the water. Also, lots of D-rings to attach gear & paddle to your SUP. Plus, awesome travel backpack included.
Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board Review

Sea Eagle Fishing SUP

Sea Eagle Fishing SUP with Removable Motor Mount

$1,000+ 4.8 12’6″ 6″ 15 PSI Startup Package includes SUP, paddle, storage box, air pump, backpack & repair kit. Other packages available.

This SUP has an extra wide, stable design, plus you can mount a motor on the back. Also has convenient fish ruler & 14 D-rings. Other packages include swivel seat, trolling motor, EZ cart & more.
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Tips for Comparing Inflatable Paddleboards:

Inflatable SUP Similarities:

Woman Paddleboarding on iRocker Inflatable SUPFirst of all, they are typically made using extra-durable military grade drop-stitch construction. This gives them long-lasting durability, enabling them to bounce off rocks unharmed or sustain a car driving over them.

Some people understandably ask about the longevity of these inflatables. Of course, this depends on how you treat your equipment. However, in most cases, these ultra-durable SUPs can have a lifespan well over 10 years.

Secondly, each inflatable sup has a deck pad. These prevent slipping and make the surface comfortable to stand on. In addition, they provide an excellent surface for performing paddleboard yoga.

The textured, non-slip surface makes these boards ideal for dogs who like to paddleboard. =)

Third, all iSUPs come with a high-pressure pump with which you inflate your board. You don’t have to purchase on separately. These are lightweight hand pumps that don’t require a power source, therefore, you can carry them with you.

Inflatable SUP Differences:

On the other hand, inflatable paddleboards vary. Look for the following characteristics when comparing SUPs:

  • An iSUP with a thickness of 6″ usually allows a higher inflation pressure than a 4″ board. Therefore, it can support more weight, retain more rigidity, float higher out of the water and provide more stability for the rider.
  • SUP Paddles typically cost $70 and up. Therefore, an SUP package that includes a paddle can save you a significant amount of money (assuming that the package is not expensive).
  • You definitely want an adjustable paddle. Most paddles are, by the way. If you plan to travel much, consider an SUP with a travel paddle that separates into 3 short segments for easy transport.
  • Larger stand up paddleboards can offer more stability and hold more weight. However, they can be more cumbersome to carry because of their length. For example, a 12’6″ SUP vs a 10′ SUP. They usually weight about the same, and some people don’t think it makes much of a difference.
  • Some paddleboards come with short fins (ie 2″ or so), while others have a longer tracking fin. Shorter fins make the board easier to turn and maneuver. A longer tracking fin helps the SUP move in a straight, efficient streamline when you paddle longer distances.
  • A longer SUP with a pointed nose typically can move faster through the water and is designed for speed or racing. On the other hand, shorter paddleboards (10′ or less) can more easily navigate through surf, choppy water, turns, etc..

Inflatable SUP Size Guide:

Weight Capacity: In general, a 10-foot long, 6″ thick inflatable SUP can hold about 250-275 lbs. 4″ boards typically can hold up to 220 lbs. The longer the SUP (and thus more surface area), the higher their weight capacity. In addition, the wider yoga paddleboards can often hold up to 350 lbs.

Short… or Long? For the most part, shorter 10′ paddleboards are easier to turn and navigate while longer 12’6″+ SUPs glide further and move faster. Therefore, choose your board length depending on the type of paddling you want to do.

Furthermore, shorter paddleboards can be easier to carry, especially for smaller people. They also inflate faster. Another option to consider is a folding origami kayak. These don’t require pumps, yet they are just ad lightweight and durable.