ROC Inflatable Paddleboard – a Good Value Worth Buying?

Do you want a low priced SUP that is fun to use and will last many years? The ROC Inflatable Paddleboard is an ultra-durable board with a user-friendly design that you can use on lakes, rivers and even the ocean.

ROC Inflatable Paddleboard Package

The ROC SUP Makes Paddleboarding Easy & Fun:

ROC Low Priced Inflatable SUPIn addition, the ROC SUP makes a great paddle board for beginners. Its wider shape and extra side fins provide extra stability to help out with balance.

Plus, the shorter 10-foot length makes this board easier to turn and maneuver in the water. Not to mention, it’s less cumbersome to carry and weighs less. =)

Furthermore, the numerous D-rings and bungee straps allow you to easily attach gear to your board. Take a dry bag, water bottle, flip flops, etc without having to worry about holding on to them.

Note: Compared to other inflatable stand up paddleboards on the market, the ROC doesn’t really have any “stand-out” features. However, its lightweight, user-friendly, rugged design make it a great value for under $500.

ROC SUP Features

And speaking of gear, the ROC inflatable paddleboard package includes:

  • 10-foot Inflatable SUP
  • Collapsible Aluminum Paddle
  • Detachable Center Fin
  • High Pressure Air Pump
  • Heavy Duty Backpack
  • Safeway Leash
  • Small Dry Bag

This Lightweight SUP Actually has Heavy-Duty Strength:

As you can see in the digram below, the ROC contains a multi-layer exterior construction, which makes it extra durable. Therefore, you can count on this inflatable SUP lasting many years without being high maintenance.

ROC Inflatable Paddleboard Constructions and Materials

1. First of all, this board is made with heavy duty military-grade PVC, similar to what you see in rugged river rafts. Consequently, this inflatable can run into logs, boulders, docks or other objects without suffering any damage.

ROC Inflatable Paddleboards on Lake - Sturdy Rigid Stable Design Great for Beginners2. In addition, the ROC has 3 layers of extra material on the sidewalls to make it even more sturdy. Then, the board has a protective UV coating on top of that.

3. Third, the interior features a complex network of drop-stitch weave. As a result, this inflatable board feels ultra rigid, much like a hard foam board.

However, you don’t have to worry about dings, dents or cracks like you would with a hard board. This translates to less maintenance and less cost over the life of your SUP. (Not to mention, an inflatable SUP weighs significantly less and is easier to carry.)

Specs for the ROC Inflatable Paddle Board:

  • Dimensions: 10′ Long x 32″ Wide x 6″ Thick
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbsRoc SUP Package with Paddle, Pump, Fin, Backpack, Leash, Dry Bag
  • Max PSI: 15 PSI
  • Material: Military-Grade PVC
  • Utra-Reinforced Drop Stitch
  • 3 Fins (1 Removable)
  • 7 Color/Pattern Options
  • Model: Scout/Explorer
  • Manufacturer: ROC SUP Company
  • Made in the USA
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the ROC SUP


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