Need an SUP Dry Bag?

Mariner 20 Dry Backpack
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A great feature of stand up paddleboards is that they are large enough to carry your gear for you. Some people wear a waterproof fanny pack, backpack or nothing at all.

However, if you are paddling from one point to another or are going on a long excursion, it can be nice to have the ability to transport food, water, sunscreen, a phone or even extra clothing.

This is where waterproof bags come in handy. A larger dry sack can hold a significant amount of items and keep them completely dry. It’s great for things like phones, cameras, towels, etc.

They are typically made of waterproof vinyl and have a re-sealable opening at one end that is large enough to add and remove larger items. Then, you can strap the bag to your SUP using the D-rings or straps on your board.

They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the right size that fits your need. The size is usually measured in liters (ie. 2L, 8L, 20L, etc..).

If you’re not sure which size to pick or think you might want to have different size dry bags to use on different occasions, this 3-pack (on the left) is ideal.

It’s also ideally priced at about $10 for all 3. However, the set does not include a big sac (2L, 4L and 8L bags are what’s included).

If you want a larger carrier that is also more durable, SealLine makes a 30 Liter Dry-Proof Baja bag with a reinforced base and reliable protection (shown on the right). It also comes in a variety of colors.

Many people also use this bag for camping trips, kayaking, backpacking and more. Hey, as long as you are getting a dry bag, why not get lots of use out of it!

Another┬ápopular style is the SealLine See Bag. It’s tinted, but you can see through it, so it’s easier to find your gear, which can be especially convenient if you are transporting lots of small items.

Alternatively, you can get the clear version which does not have the tinted coloring.


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