SUP Buddy: THE Paddleboard Drink Holder

SUP Buddy in the Tropics

How many times have you been out on your paddleboard and you wish you brought a Gatorade, a hot coffee or a beer with you?

Fear not! Simply attach a SUP Buddy suctioning Koozie to the surface of your SUP and start paddling. It holds your drink securely in place, plus this SUP drink holder helps to keep it hot or cold as well.

Stick-on SUP Drink Holder Works on Inflatable Paddle Boards Better than SUP Buddy

Update: “Scotty” offers another SUP drink holder option, but instead of small suction cups, the base uses a stick-on mount. Plus, it doesn’t cost any more than the SUP Buddy.

Some people prefer the stick-on version because it holds more securely to inflatable paddleboards. Plus, it comes as 2 parts, so you can leave the mount attached when you remove the cup holder when traveling, etc..

Plus, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll probably find a lot more hard surfaces where you can stick the SUP buddy. Think boating, kayaking, etc.. You don’t have to wait to go paddleboarding to use it!

SUP Buddy with Coffee

Sup Buddy actually comes in 2 pieces. The flat base has 3 strong suction cups which stick to most flat smooth surfaces. Then, the Koozie grips to the base with velcro.

And speaking of velcro, do you have other items with velcro on them (or you happen to want to attach velcro to them)? You can securely stick them on the suctioning base, and you’ve got one less thing to hassle with. (Think bags, GoPro cameras, PFDs, etc..) It’s not just a paddleboard drink holder.

SUP Buddy with GoPro

Another cool feature about the SUP Buddy is that you can actually yank the Koozie off of the suctioned coaster base, and the base will stay securely attached to your SUP.

This is great little accessory for stand up paddlers, and it’s not cheaply made so it will fall apart. Note to self: great gift!

SUPBUDDY Suction Cup Koozie includes:

  • Base with velcro on top and 3 suction cups on the bottom
  • Insulating koozie
  • Mesh bag for extras and empties (planning ahead, I see)

The only gripe I have is that I wish it were a little cheaper. That said, if it was “cheap”, then I would probably have to worry about it falling of the board.

Honestly, there are some days where I think I would have stayed out longer. If I had a cold refreshing beverage to drink, that is. Or I would have gotten up to go out for that brisk morning paddle if I had a hot cup of coffee.


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