iRocker Paddle Board Review – What Do I Think?

iRocker Paddle Board Review: What Do I Think?

iRocker SUP makes several different affordably-priced paddleboard models. I’ll discuss 3 of their popular boards here because they each have a unique design and purpose. Therefore, it makes it easy to decide which SUP is right for you.

My Take: iRocker SUPs cost a little more than basic, cheaper models. However, their packages include more gear (including a high-quality fiberglass paddle) and they offer a longer 2-year warranty on their products. The quality and reliability is worth the investment, in my opinion.

What Do You Get?

As I mentioned above, you get more in iRocker SUP packages. You get more gear, plus the quality is higher. It’s a win-win, AND you get get to go paddleboarding. What’s more to want, right?

SUP Packages Include:

  • Inflatable SUP with Fins
  • Adjustable Travel Fiberglass Paddle
  • High Pressure Dual-Action Air Pump with Built-in Gauge
  • Carrying Backpack with Padded Straps, Waist Belt and Chest Strap
  • Coiled Leash
  • Repair Kit

This SUP Package May Appear Standard, but Here’s How it Differs:

iRocker Inflatable SUP on the Water1. Higher-Quality Paddle

First, the fiberglass paddle weighs less than regular cheap aluminum SUP paddles, which are typically included in iSUP packages. In short, you’re getting a valuable upgrade here because fiberglass paddles often cost twice as much if not more.

Plus, the paddle breaks down into 3 sections for easy travel, AND you can easily adjust it to your height.

2. Fast, Efficient Air Pump

Second, the dual action pump inflates the SUP both on the upstroke and the downstroke. Many pumps only inflate on the downstroke. Therefore, you can basically cut your inflation time in half. As the PSI increases, simply switch to single action to make pumping easier.

3. Easier, Built-in Pressure Gauge

Third, the air pump has the pressure gauge built in. Cheaper pumps don’t have this feature, and the gauge may come separately.

This means that you have to disconnect the pump and attach the gauge to measure the inflation of your board. This extra step simply makes it inconvenient. Not to mention that the small gauge can easily get lost.

iRocker SUP Backpack for Carrying your paddleboard4. Hands-Down, Way Better Carrying Bag

Fourth, the carrying bag comes in the form of a comfortable backpack. You can carry it much more easily (and comfortably), especially if you are flying on an airplane or hiking to a lake.

The backpack, padded straps, waist belt and chest strap make a big difference.

5. Coiled SUP Leash

Fifth, you get a coiled leash. Many SUP packages don’t include a leash.

By the way, coiled leashes are better for paddleboarding vs non-coiled leashes which you typically use when surfing. You’ve got the right leash here.

iRocker Inflatable SUP Comparison

iSUP Price Dimensions Weight Capacity Performance Who it’s Designed For
iRocker 11′ SportiRocker Sport Inflatable SUP, 11 feet long
11′ x 30″ x 6″ 350 lbs Fast SUP, very easy to maneuver, performs better on surf bug less stable. Slim, shorter design makes it ideal for racing and making fast turns. Better for navigating rivers and for paddlesurfing.
iRocker 10’6″ CruiseriRocker Cruiser Inflatable SUP, 10 foot 6 inches long
10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ 350 lbs Very stable board, slower model, performs better on flat water than surf. Size, shape make this SUP good for beginners, larger riders, people with pets and yoga enthusiasts.
iRocker 11′ All-AroundiRocker Inflatable SUP 11 foot All Around Paddleboard Package
11′ x 32″ x 6″ 385 lbs Very stable, easy to maneuver, average speed, better on flat water than in surf. Length and weight capacity make this versatile SUP good for larger riders, carrying pets or cargo like fishing tackle.

How to Convert the iRocker Paddle Board into a Kayak:

The iRocker has a very cool feature, in that you can get an optional kayak seat. Therefore, you can use your SUP as a sit-on-top kayak as well.

It’s like getting 2 pieces of sports equipment in one! The company makes them, so they fit perfectly to your SUP. You can get a lot The following video shows how to make the conversion:

SUP Kayak Seat | Kayak Paddle Blade



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