How to Patch a Wetsuit with a Wetsuit Repair Kit – 2 Steps

I have a 20-year old wetsuit, and the neoprene is in surprisingly good condition. However, several seams have torn over the years, and I have had to patch quite a few holes usinq a wetsuit repair kit. I’ll share what’s worked for me…

How to Fix a Wetsuit Tear with Gear Aid AquaSeal Neoprene Adhesive

Gear Air AquaSeal Wetsuit Glue

How to Patch Neoprene in 2 Steps:

First of all, I use a contact adhesive to glue the seams together. This cement is strong enough to patch a hole or tear without needing a patch or stitching. Plus, the supple resin holds for years even with lots of stretching. I use the brand Aquaseal Adhesive.

Second, I stick Tenacious Tape patches over large wetsuit hole in high-stress areas. For example, armpits, back or neck tears.

I start by covering the broken seam or hole with adhesive. Then, I peel and stick the wetsuit repair tape on top.

How to Repair a Wetsuit with a Neoprene PatchNote: Typically, I cut patches about 1/2-1″ larger than the wetsuit hole to provide sufficient support. In addition, I give the patch round edges so it doesn’t have corners that peel back.

By the way, if you need to mend a larger hole, this 6″x10″ fabric neoprene patch covers a larger area. Plus, you can cut it into many smaller pieces too.

Repairing a wetsuit seam or tear is actually a really simple job. In fact, the whole process only takes a few minutes.

Considering that wetsuit repair kits only cost between $15-25, it makes sense to fix a hole rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a new suit.

2 Things I’ve Learned When Using a Wetsuit Repair Kit:

Neoprene Cement for Fixing Wetsuit Holes1. I have learned that wetsuit glue is extremely sticky. I definitely recommend using some cheap disposable gloves while working with it.

2. You don’t need much adhesive to repair a wetsuit hole. However, sometimes the smaller tubes only have a one-time use. This is because the top tends to permanently glue the container shut after the first use.

Therefore, I suggest getting a container with a metal screw lid if you want to use the adhesive again in the future. For example, Neoprene Cement. This container also includes an application brush.

2 More Ways to Fix Wetsuit Holes, Rips and Tears:

Neoprene Queen Wetsuit RepairAlternatively, you can use a Neoprene Queen neoprene patch kit. The package includes a neoprene rubber patch and 2 small tubes of black contact adhesive.

Many people also like Neo-Rez because it dries fast. In fact, you can use this sealant to patch your wetsuit, and then use it 2 hours later.

In addition, Neo-Rez feels more soft and supple than other wetsuit adhesives, which can sometimes feel a little rough or scratchy on the skin. This sealant has a clear color.

Whether you paddleboard, surf, swim, waterski or dive, these wetsuit repair kits can work for you. Plus, the ultra-strong adhesive holds up to frequent and heavy-duty use. =)


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