Bluefin Cruise Junior: The Kids SUP + Kayak in One!

Does your child want to start paddleboarding? I’d suggest opting for a smaller-sized inflatable SUP like the Bluefin Cruise Junior.

Bluefin Kids Inflatable SUP

Why Get the Bluefin Kid’s Paddle Board?

1. First of all, these shorter boards weigh less than standard paddleboards. Therefore, they are easier to carry down to the shore and kids enjoy using them more.

2. Second, their shorter length makes these SUPs easier to turn and maneuver around in the water. In other words, they require less work for kids to paddle.

3. Third, inflatable stand up paddleboards are extremely durable and difficult to “break”. Compared to your regular fiberglass board, you don’t have to worry about dinging a blow-up SUP, because you can’t. =)

Note: Construction of the Bluefin Cruise is actually so strong that you can inflate it to a PSI almost double that of most other inflatable paddleboards. (28PSI vs 15PSI).

This ultra-durable design enables the SUP to last an extra long time with virtually no maintenance. (You definitely get your money’s worth here.)

Plus, the higher air pressure capacity makes this board feel super rigid. As a result, it provides a more stable surface for standing, and it glides more easily through the water like a hardboard.

Bluefin Cruise Inflatable SUP Heavy-Duty Drop-Stitch Construction

4. Fourth, kids paddleboards are easy to travel with. Plus, this package comes with a backpack that carries all your gear. (Even the backpack is kid-sized!)

Note: So, if you decide to take the family to Hawaii, camping or to a lake, you don’t have to rent equipment. In other words, an inflatable SUP can help you save money on vacations and provide free entertainment. =)

Big Advantage #1 of the Bluefin Cruise SUP for Kids:

This SUP comes with a detachable kayak seat. Therefore, you can use this board as both a stand up paddleboard AND a sit-on-top kayak.

SUP Kayak Conversion Kit Comes with Bluefin Inflatable Paddleboard

This factor can save you a significant amount of money on buying multiple pieces of sports equipment. Not to mention, kids get bored less easily when they have more entertainment options.

The included kayak seat attaches to the SUP in seconds, using the D-rings and straps. By the way, the seat is padded, and you can adjust the straps for extra comfort.

Advantage #2 of this Children’s Paddle Board:

Furthermore, this kid-sized paddleboard includes a GoPro Mount on the nose of the board. Kids can connect a video camera and film their excursions, taking water sports to a whole new level of fun.

Talk about keeping children entertained for hours. And most paddleboards don’t come with this unique accessory.

What Do You Get in the Bluefin Kids SUP Package?

Kids Bluefin Cruise Junior Inflatable SUP Package with Pump, Kayak Seat, Paddle, Backpack, Leash and Fin

1. Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard

This SUP features a comfortable deck pad with lots of grip. Therefore, kids don’t have to worry about slipping as much, and they feel more stable and secure as they stand and paddle.

2. Kayak Seat
Comes with straps to easily secure it to the board.

How to Inflate an SUP3. High Pressure Air Pump
Dual-action pump helps kids inflate the SUP twice as fast. Pump also includes a pressure gauge, so they can conveniently watch the pressure as they inflate the SUP.

4. Detachable Tracking Fin
Having a detachable fin makes it much easier to roll up your board and fit it in the backpack.

Bluefin SUP Backpack5. Heavy-Duty Carrying Backpack
Of course, you can use this pack to transport your SUP. However, you can also use it to carry cargo on your board while you paddle (like the kayak seat and extra paddle blade)!

6. Coiled Leash
Coiled leashes work much better than straight leashes for paddleboarding. Their “spring” allows them to shorten and lengthen as you need, and therefore they stay out of your way.

7. Adjustable Paddle with Extra Kayak Paddle Blade
Adjustable paddles shorten and lengthen, so you can make them a comfortable length for your height. Plus, this fiberglass shaft weighs less, floats and collapses for easy travel.

Specs for the Bluefin Cruise Junior:

  • Dimensions: 8′ Long x 29″ Wide x 6″ Thick
  • Size Capacity: for Paddlers Under 5’3″ Tall
  • Board Weight: 22 lbs
  • Material: 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC
  • Military Grade Reinforced Drop-Stitch ConstructionBluefin Cruise Junior SUp with Included Accessories
  • Surface Has Special Coating for UV Protection
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 28 PSI
  • Fins: 8″ Center Fin + 2 Short Side Fins
  • Color: White with Blue Stripe
  • See the product manual here
  • Manufacturer: Bluefin
  • Where to Get the Junior Cruise SUP on Sale


Bluefin SUP and Kayak Package

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