Inflatable Fishing SUP – What’s Best? (from $600-1,200)

Do you want to catch fish from a paddleboard? The Freein inflatable fishing SUP has a stable, sturdy design specifically for fishermen, plus it comes with built-in rod holders.

Fishing SUP with Rod Holders

With an inflatable paddleboard, you don’t have to haul a large rig with you anytime you want to fish. Furthermore, fishing paddleboards can get you to more remote locations, and they are very stealth.

Below, I’ve listed 3 big advantages that the Freein iSUP has over other boards. (And you can get it for less than many other boards on the market.)

1. Get a Wider, More Stable Platform Better for Fishing:

First of all, this board has a wide stable shape that minimizes tipping and volatility. Therefore, even beginners can feel comfortable standing and moving around on this SUP.

Inflatable Paddleboard Made for People Who Fish

In addition, Freein gives this paddleboard the most dense drop stitch construction on the market. As a result, the surface feels extremely rigid, virtually like a hardboard.

Note: The greater the firmness, the less bounce a board will have when you go through bumpy or rough water. Plus, the 6″ board thickness helps the SUP ride higher out of the water, which also increases stability.

2. Built-in Rod Holders Make Fishing More Enjoyable:

Second, the rod holders will take your fishing trip to a whole new level. Now, you don’t have to continually hold the pole yourself and perform multiple tasks at once.

SUP Fishing Rod Holders Built into Paddleboard

3. Secure Your Gear to Your SUP with Ease:

Third, this SUP has multiple bungee cords and D rings to secure your gear to the deck. Bring your cooler, tackle box, milk crate, camping gear and more.

Furthermore, these connection points allow you to attach a seat as well (see below). Therefore, you don’t have to stand all the time – you can sit as well.

Complete Fishing SUP Package:

The Freein SUP package includes all of the paddleboard accessories you’ll need to get out on the water. Of course, you’ll need to supply the fishing rods, tackle box and cooler, but you probably already have those.

Accessories with Freein Fishing SUP: paddle, fin, leash, backpack and pump

What’s Included:

  • Fishing iSUP
  • 2 Fishing Rod Holders
  • Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle
  • Travel Backpack
  • 10 ft Coil Ankle Leash
  • GRI High Pressure Dual Action Pump with Gauge
  • Removable Fin.
  • Repair Kit

GoPro Mount on Nose of Inflatable Paddle BoardIn addition, the deck pad comes with a built-in GoPro camera mount.

It attaches at the very front of your SUP, so it stays out of the way, and you don’t have to worry about obstructing the view.

As a result, you can video your paddleboarding excursion conveniently hands free. Plus, you can get a unique view from the water’s surface without having to get in the water.

Fishing Stand-Up Paddleboard Comparison:

You can find several well-made fishing paddleboards on the market. I have found the Freein to have the best price while also including a variety of accessories, however, the FishSUP and Hippocamp have their own distinct advantages that you might like better.

Sea Eagle Fish SUP Inflatable Paddleboard for Stealth Fishing

1. Sea Eagle FishSUP:

The Sea Eagle FishSUP offers the most stable platform at 40″ wide (7″ more than the Freein). Plus, it features an extra strong durable construction, with 1000 denier reinforced drop stitching (double the strength of the Freein).

The FishSUP also measures a foot longer (12’6″) and can carry a larger load (150 lbs more). In addition to stability, you also get more deck area to move around.

The package includes an extra-thick padded seat, 2 paddles, removable motor mount, built-in fish rulers and 15 D-rings. (Yes, you can actually attach an electric or gas motor to this inflatable SUP.)

South Bay Board Company Hippocamp Complete Fishing SUP Package

2. South Bay Board Co Fishing SUP:

South Bay Board Company sells a complete fishing paddleboard package, the 11’6″ Hippocamp. In comes with rod holders, kayak seat, sup cooler and a waterproof fanny pack in addition the standard accessories. You also get an upgraded air pump.

Design differences include the rod holders are located near the rear of the board instead of the center (like the Freein). Plus, the SUP contains deck stringers on both the top and bottom for extra rigidity. The board can also hold 50 lbs more weight.

3. Badfisher Fishing SUP:

The Badfisher inflatable SUP is Scotty accessory compatible and has a few more D-rings. However, it doesn’t have rod holders. This model also costs about twice as much as the Freein.

Specs for the Freein Inflatable Fishing SUP:

  • Dimensions: 11’6″ Long x 33″ Wide x 6″ Thick
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 345 lbs
  • Material: Military-Grade PVC & 500 Denier Drop Stitch
  • Color: Blue
  • Model #: 11’6″ Fishing
  • Brand: Freein
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Fishing SUP

Freein SUP Removable Kayak Seat for Fishing PaddleboardNote: By the way, Freein also sells a compatible kayak seat separately.

This paddleboard already has plenty of D-rings to which you can attach the seat, so you can simply snap the seat into place when you choose to use it.


Bluefin SUP and Kayak Package

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