Voltsurf Inflatable Paddle Board Kit – Traveling with an SUP

Do you want to take your SUP on vacations and exotic destinations? The Voltsurf Inflatable Paddle Board Kit is designed for easy travel and portability. Not to mention, it looks really cool. =)

Voltsurf Make Traveling Easy with an Inflatable SUP Kit

Of course, most inflatable paddleboards are easier to travel with because you can deflate them and roll them into a backpack. However, Voltsurf takes portable SUPs a few steps further…

1. Roll Your SUP Right Onto the Plane…

First of all, their package includes a carrying backpack on wheels. Most SUP packages come with carrying bags, while others give you a backpack. But have you seen one that has a backpack with wheels?

Voltsurf Inflatable Paddle Board Kit

Not only do you not have to carry a 30 lb bag on your back, you don’t even have to pick it up off the ground! Plus, you can fit the paddle, pump and fin into the pack as well.

Alternatively, you can take your SUP backpacking, since the backpack features comfortable hip straps. Also, the heavy-duty rugged outer fabric holds up well in the outdoors (not to mention in airplane baggage).

Review of the Voltsurf Inflatable SUP:

2. Inflate Your Paddleboard Twice as Fast

Second, the Voltsurf inflatable paddle board kit comes with a dual action pump. In other words, it inflates your board twice as fast as single action pump.

We all want to save time inflating our paddleboards, but this is even more true when we go on vacation. And the pump is no larger than ordinary SUP pumps, so it doesn’t take up more bag space.

3. SUP Paddle Compacts to 1/3 its Size

Third, the paddle collapses into 3 small sections. This makes it easier to pack, and it takes up less space. In addition, the paddle features foam insulation which makes it float. No one wants to worry about their paddle sinking, right?

4. Super Durable SUP Material Makes it Great for Travel

Durable Dropstitch Construction of Voltsurf Inflatable SUPFourth, Voltsurf makes their inflatable SUPs with military grade PVC to withstand extreme use.

Therefore, you can take it on oceans, rivers and lakes and feel confident that your SUP will hold up fine in all sorts of water conditions.

For example, they can scrape against boulders or logs, run over river rocks, bump into docks or be dragged along the sand. You won’t see a ding or a dent, and your inflatable won’t pop on you either. =)

Note: By the way, the high-strength board fibers and drop stitching allow this SUP to be inflated to a high PSI. Consequently, you get an ultra-firm paddleboard that feels virtually like a hard foam core board.

In other words, you gain high durability without giving up performance. And if you happen to drop your SUP, won’t won’t need to freak out.

Voltsurf Inflatable Paddle Board

Single Fin VS 3 Fins on an SUP:

Voltsurf SUP Singel Tracking FinSome paddleboards have 3 small fins while other boards come with one large center fin. What is the difference and should you care?

Typically, shorter side fins add stability and traction in the water. We find them on many beginner boards, yoga SUPs as well as SUPs designed to ride down rivers.

On the other hand, the longer tracking fins produce less drag and enable the board to glide forward in a straight line with less effort. They can move faster through the water but may not turn as easily.

You can easily detach the fin on the Volfsurf, which enables you to take it down rivers or in shallow waterways. (This feature also comes in handy for travel as well.)

What’s Included in the Voltsurf Inflatable Paddle Board Kit?

  • Stand-Up Paddle Board
  • 3-Piece Floating Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • Dual Action Air Pump with Pressure Gauge
  • Oversized Heavy-Duty Bag with Wheels
  • Removable Center Tracking Fin
  • Coil Leash

Voltsurf Paddle Board Colors: Black, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink and Orange

Voltsurf Inflatable Paddle Board Specs:

  • Dimensions: 11′ Long x 32″ Wide x 6″ Thick
  • Board Weight: 26 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Max PSI: 15 PSI
  • 4 Color Options: Black, Turquoise, Pink or Orange
  • Model: Rover
  • Brand: Voltsurf, Phone: 888-895-2496
  • Get the Voltsurf SUP Here

Should You Buy this Inflatable Paddle Board Kit if You Don’t Travel?

Besides all of the cool features I listed above, this high quality stand up paddleboard is designed to last with virtually no maintenance. And, with sports equipment that you plan on using for 10+ years, it makes sense to invest in gear you really like.

I did not mention the graphics on this board. The company takes pride in their unique, bright and colorful designs. They carefully embed the colors in the board and then add a UV coating to make them last longer.

I’ll admit, I like riding an SUP that looks cool. I mean, if the board has a great design, people may think I’m pretty cool to, right? 😉


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