GoPlus Inflatable SUP Under $300 – It Is Any Good?

GoPlus Inflatable SUP Under $300Do you want to start paddleboarding without spending a lot of money? You can get an inflatable SUP under $300 from GoPlus – and it comes with a paddle too!

Compared to many stand up inflatable paddle boards on the market, the GoPlus “Cruiser” gives you many of the same attributes.

However, this SUP can save you a few hundred bucks.

Just a paddle alone can cost you upwards of $80-100. So, getting that accessory included in this package saves you additional money right up front.

5 Standard SUP Features You Get at a Discounted Price:

The GoPlus Cruiser may look like most inflatable SUPs that you’ve seen. However, just keep in mind that it offers a lot of the same features while costing a lot less. Here’s what I mean…

1. Well-Build, Durable Construction

Inflatable Paddleboard Durable Construction DesignFor one, GoPlus uses the same double layer PVC construction with drop stitching to build their inflatable boards.

This is how inflatable SUPs stay rigid and feel extremely firm when you touch them. Plus, they don’t tear or scrape if they rub up against a rock.

In other words, the board can support large amounts of air pressure while maintaining its shape and strength. (In fact, my SUP is coming up on 10 years old!)

2. Paddleboard has a No-Slip Deck Pad

Second, the top deck has a heavy duty textured foam surface that prevents you from slipping off the board. In addition, this non-slip padding helps you perform yoga poses and makes it more comfortable for your pet.

The padded, grippy surface makes paddling much easier for beginners to learn. Novices feel more steady and hence, more confident and comfortable.

3. SUP Provides a Firm, Stable Standing Surface

Third, the 6″ thickness allows you to inflate the board to a higher PSI. Therefore, you get a firmer and more stable surface to stand on. (Actually, people commonly mistake inflatable paddleboards for hard boards.)

GoPlus Inflatable SUP Features

Plus, a 6″ SUP will sit higher out of the water than a 4″. As a result, your feet stay drier and you have more stability while standing (or doing yoga for that matter).

On top of that, thicker boards can support more weight. Hence, taller and heavier riders can use these inflatable SUPs without a problem.

4. You Can Easily Strap Cargo on Your SUP

Fourth, you get the standard bungee strap system for carrying cargo as well as a D ring. D-rings come in handy for tying up at a dock, attaching a leash or securing more gear.

Whether you go fishing, camping or just want to bring along food and drink, you will have no problem finding stuff to strap on your board.

5. SUP has a Built-In Carrying Handle

Fifth, the carrying handle helps you comfortably transport your paddleboard down to the water without having to carry it on your head. The soft strap is easy to grab on to, and it doesn’t get in the way while you paddle.

GoPlus Inflatable Paddleboard Activities: Surfing, Yoga, Sunbathing, Fitness Paddling

How to Save Even More Money on this Inflatable SUP:

Of course, a major reason that I like inflatable SUPs over the fiberglass or foam version is that you can travel with them. Not only can you roll them up and carry one in a backpack, but you can take one on an airplane without paying additional luggage fees.

Note: Not to mention, when you buy inflatable paddleboards, you don’t have to pay hefty shipping costs to actually receive them. Shipping usually costs nothing, even on an inflatable SUP under $300. =)

GoPlus Inflatable SUP Under $300 Includes:

  • Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Adjustable Paddle (adjusts from 67″ to 83″ long)
  • High Pressure hand Pump
  • Removable Tracking Fin
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Backpack
  • Repair Kit for cheap & easy DIY repairs (if needed)

GoPlus $300 Inflatable SUP Package

Specs for the GoPlus Cruiser Inflatable SUP:

  • 10′ SUP Dimensions: 10′ Long x 30″ wide x 6″ Thick
  • 11′ SUP Dimensions: 11′ Long x 32″ Wide x 6″ Thick
  • Board Weight: 25 lbs (10′ SUP) or 29 lbs (11′ SUP)
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Fins: 3 (2 fixed, 1 removable)
  • Color: Blue Bottom, Wood-Look Top
  • Brand: GoPlus Corp, Phone: 909-483-1200, email: [email protected]
  • Get the GoPlus Cruiser SUP Here


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