My Review of the Peak Expedition Hybrid Inflatable SUP

Do you want a stand-up paddleboard that performs well in a variety of different weather conditions? The Peak Expedition Hybrid Inflatable SUP is designed specifically to master all types of water terrain, plus it packs small for easy travel.

Peak Hybrid Inflatable SUP

Peak Paddleboards makes an entire line of SUPs. However, this model has a unique nose design that makes it work well whether you are paddling on lakes, fishing, riding waves or doing yoga.

In addition, the raised, pointed nose more easily cuts through ocean surf or waves on windy days. Therefore, you can count on a more streamlined (and easier) glide even in less-than-optimal weather conditions.

Peak Explorer Inflatable SUP Features

In addition, this hybrid SUP has ultra heavy-duty and puncture-resistant construction. Therefore, you can ride it down rivers without worrying about dinging your board on boulders or logs.

Traveling with the Peak Hybrid SUP:

Peak Explorer Hybrid SUP Can Carry 2 PeopleConsequently, the Peak Hybrid makes the perfect travel companion, whether you are flying to a tropical island or off-roading out to a camping site. This rugged SUP can tackle virtually any environment, yet it rolls up small for easy transportation.

In fact, you can pack the board, paddle AND air pump into the included carrying backpack. Take your fitness and/or entertainment with you traveling so you don’t have to pay extra money to rent equipment.

Note: Peak made this stand up paddleboard 35% lighter in weight than traditional inflatable boards. As a result, it is conveniently easier to carry, pack and travel with.

Not to mention, this inflatable SUP has 3 carrying handles instead of just one. Transporting a 10’6″ paddleboard has never been easier! =)

Tricks to Inflate your Inflatable SUP Faster:

Fast Inflation System for Peak Explorer Inflatable SUPThis package comes with a high pressure hand pump. You can use it to blow up your paddleboard in about 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can use an electric pump and cut your time down to 5-7 minutes. Basic electric SUP pumps cost around $100, but they can be a big time saver if you inflate and deflate your board frequently.

On the other hand, if you paddle frequently but don’t travel with it much, you can leave the board partially inflated. For example, sometimes I partially deflate my SUP, fold it in half and stick in my car. It saves a lot of time if you decide to use the hand pump.

Note: Of course, using the manual air pump to inflate your paddleboard gives you a great arm and core workout. This turns out to be a nice advantage of doing the pumping yourself. =)

4 Handy Features of the Peak Expedition Hybrid SUP:

Due to the fact that this is a “Hybrid” SUP, it comes with practical design features for added convenience.

1. Double Bungee Straps Can Carry More Gear

First, you get bungee strap systems in both the front and rear of the board (instead of just 1). Strap on more gear, or simply have the option of where you want to keep water bottles, shoes, bags, coolers, etc..

2. Secure Deck Pad for a More Confident Ride

Second, the larger-than-average soft textured deck pad provides a comfortable and secure surface. This works well for doing yoga, transporting pets or simply standing up (especially if you are a beginner).

3. Increased Stability Lets You Use Your SUP for More Activities

Third, the 6″ thick board provides more stability than a thinner 4″ SUP. It allows for greater inflation and therefore a more rigid feel. Plus, it rides higher out of the water which helps when doing paddleboard yoga or fishing.

3-Fin System of Peak Explorer Hybrid Inflatable SUP

4. SUP Fin Variations Give You More Paddling Options

Fourth, this hybrid inflatable SUP has 3 fins (2 outer short fins and a longer center tracking fin. Therefore, you can paddle in a variety of different water conditions.

For instance, you can take the long tracking fin out while navigating down river rapids. This way, you don’t have to worry about this fin snagging on large logs or rocks underneath the water.

On the other hand, the tracking fin comes in handy for long excursions where you want keep your board gliding in a straight line.

Hybrid Paddle Board Package Includes:

  • Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard
  • 3-Piece Aluminum Adjustable Travel Paddle
  • High Pressure Dual Action Pump
  • Removable Fin
  • Coil Leash
  • Waterproof Phone Case
  • Carrying Back Pack

Peak Explorer Hybrid Inflatable SUP Package

Specs for Peak Hybrid Inflatable SUP

Who Should Buy a Hybrid SUP?

This style of paddleboard works really well for beginners or people who want to use it for a variety of different activities. If you own a pet, that gives you another good reason. The Peak Hybrid provides a stable, multi-functional surface that gives you lots of versatility.

In addition, the lighter weight makes it a lot easier to carry and travel with. Having owned and used several inflatable paddleboards, I think lightweight is the way to go.


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