SUP Deck Rigging Kit: Bring Everything You Need

Paddle Board Deck Rigging
SUP Deck Rigging… Where’s the Kitchen Sink?

A really nice feature of paddleboards is that they can carry your gear for you. (Whether it’s a drink cooler, fishing tackle, snorkling gear, camping equipment, food or an extra set of clothes.)

You don’t have to strap on a backpack, and you can have your hands free for paddling, swimming, etc..

Why Would You Want an SUP Deck Rigging Kit?

SUP Deck Rig KitNow, some SUPs may come with D-rings and attached bungee cords for attaching cargo to your board. However, if your SUP doesn’t come with long enough straps – or any attachment system at all – you can simply get your own.

The cool thing about this is that you can buy the exact deck rig what you want. Then, you can attach it where you want on the board. In fact, some kits even are detachable. Therefore, you can move them or take them off altogether when you are done.

SUP Things offers both large and small deck rigging kits. The one shown in the pictures is the “smaller” version with 6 super strong small suction cups, a tough and sturdy bungee cord and an adjustable cord lock. It’s removable, so it won’t damage your board either. Just make sure that you attach them directly to the SUP rather than the traction pad, because they won’t stick to the foam… obviously.

Deck Rigging with PFDI might not even call it small, since it apparently can handle fins, a cooler and tackle box all at once. These stretchy bungee cords make great accessories because they can carry lots of gear – or not. If you just need to carry a small item, the straps adjust to fit snugly around it.

So not only can you worry less about your gear, these deck rigging kits enable you to do more things and go more places with your SUP. I mean, why just paddle when you can paddle and picnic or paddle and camp or paddle and fish?

Large Deck Rigging Kits:

Large Deck Rigging Kit for Inflatable Paddle BoardsHere’s the large deck rigging kit.

As you can see, it’s very similar to the smaller version except that it comes with 4 suction cups instead of 6 (this almost seems backwards, but keep in mind that the suction cups are bigger on the “larger” SUP rigging kit).

Here’s more information on different SUP tie down deck mount kits:

Click here for $25 removable deck rigging kit


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