Is the Sportsstuff Paddle Board a Good Deal?

Is the Sportsstuff Paddle Board a Good Deal?

The Sportsstuff Inflatable Paddleboard may not be the highest-quality or best performing SUP, but I think it offers a good value. Here’s Why:

1. The Complete SUP Package Only Costs About $320

Sportsstuff Paddle Board Package with Board, Paddle, Pump, Guage, Lease, Backpack, Fin, Repair KitRarely do you find a well-made stand-up paddleboard for $300, let alone one with a free paddle. This budget-priced iSUP includes both (and more). Plus you get free shipping.

If you want a basic inflatable board that you can easily travel with, without spending a bunch of money, the Sportsstuff Paddle Board offers a great deal.

2. You Can Use the SUP as a Kayak Too

Along with everything else, you get a detachable kayak seat that you can use to transform the board into a sit-on-top kayak. Essentially, you get 2 pieces of sports equipment in one without having to pay extra money. Switch up your activity depending on your mood.

All that said, the paddle included is an SUP paddle, not a dual-sided paddle designed for kayaking. Paddling may be a little tricky unless you already have a kayak paddle.Sportsstuff Inflatable SUP with Detachable Kayak Seat

3. This Smaller Board is Easier to Carry and Transport

The smaller size of this 10’6″ SUP makes it lighter in weight and less awkward to carry than 12′ or 12’6″ models. In addition, it can fit into a smaller bag when rolled up.

Although to some people this factor may not matter, it can make paddleboard transportation easier, especially for the smaller person.

Sportsstuff Inflatable SUP 10'6" long

4. Get the Same Features that More Expensive SUPs Have

Just like other more expensive paddleboards, the Sportsstuff has stainless steel D-rings for towing and securing cargo atop the board. These come in very handy, whether you want to drag a floating cooler behind you, tie your SUP up to a boat or carry a dry bag full of clothes, food or towels on top of your board.

The EVA deck pad spans a large portion of the SUP, making it more stable and comfortable to stand on. Plus, it provides a no-slip surface for doing yoga poses, if you’re into that.

Inflatable SUP Package Includes:

  • 10’6″ Inflatable Paddleboard with Detachable Fin
  • High Pressure Hand Pump with Gauge
  • Removable Kayak Seat
  • Adjustable Aluminum SUP Paddle
  • Coiled Leash
  • Mesh Backpack (fits deflated SUP and pump)
  • Repair Patch Kit and Valve Wrench

Possible Disadvantages of the Sportsstuff SUP

1. This paddleboard only has a 4″ thickness. Therefore, it will float lower in the water and not support as much weight. I think this board would be ideal for people under 180 lbs.

2. The included paddle is aluminum rather than fiberglass. This means that it will weight more. Some people don’t notice a difference in weight, and the majority of SUP paddles included in packages like this are aluminum.

3. You don’t get a kayak paddle. Oh well. With the money you save, you can afford to go out and get a $25 kayak paddle if you really want one.

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Sportsstuff Paddle Board Specs:

  • Dimensions: 10’6 long x 30″ wide x 4″ thick
  • Weight Capacity: 220-250 lbs
  • Max PSI: 15
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Model #: 55-5010
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Sportsstuff is one of Airhead Sports Group’s large family of brands. They are a member of the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association.



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