ROC Inflatable SUP – Save Money on a Cheap Paddleboard

Do you want a cheap paddleboard that you can use for family outings, traveling or getting a good workout? The ROC Inflatable SUP costs less than $400, plus it includes a paddle, air pump and more.

ROC Inflatable SUP

This stand up paddleboard doesn’t have any special features that you can’t find on other SUP’s. However, it can save you money, and it provides a good board to learn on.

Stable SUP Great for Beginners, Yoga & Dogs…

The board’s extra wide center combined with a 6″ thick design give it more stability. Therefore, new paddlers can learn the sport more quickly without getting frustrated.

Note: In addition, a stable paddleboard comes in handy if you want to try paddleboard yoga or take your dog out paddling. Plus, the large, easy-to-grip deck pad makes this SUP easier to stand on without worrying about slipping.

ROC Inflatable SUP Features

You Can Use this Versatile SUP on Rivers, Lakes and Surf

You can take this multi-use SUP out on lakes as well as oceans and rivers. The wider center makes it more stable in rough surf, plus the durable construction make it ideal for river paddleboarding.

Not to mention, you can remove the longer center fin if you are paddleboarding down shallow river rapids. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the rocks.

The ROC Inflatable SUP is Easy to Travel With

ROC Backpack for Carrying the Inflatable PaddleboardThe ROC Inflatable SUP is designed for easy travel too. Of course, it conveniently deflates to fit inside of a duffle-sized bag. In addition, it comes with a paddle that breaks apart into 3 smaller pieces for easy packing.

Inflatable paddleboards make great travel companions, whether you are traveling by air or car. You don’t have to have a roof rack on your car, nor do you have to pay hefty airline fees that people typically have to pay for surfboards.

Not to mention, you have a free paddleboard once you get to your destination. No need to rent expensive equipment, etc.. This inflatable SUP package can actually save you more money than you may have expected.

ROC SUP Package Includes:

  • 10’5″ Inflatable SUP
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Alloy Paddle
  • Ankle Leash
  • Drybag
  • Carrying Backpack

The package includes a manual air pump that you use inflate the paddleboard. Although the process only takes about 5 minutes, it can be tedious compared to having a hardboard that you don’t have to blow up.

Should You Get an Electric Pump to Inflate Your SUP?

Electric SUP Pump - The Easy Wao to Pump Up an Inflatable SUPThat said, both Sea Eagle and Bravo make affordable electric pumps that you can use to speed up the task. You simply attach them to the battery in your vehicle and let the pumps do all the work. Sevylor also makes a cheaper version, however, this pump doesn’t have as much power.

If you plan on paddleboarding frequently, an electric pump can be a worthwhile investment. However, you may want to save the money and see if you actually need it.

For example, I don’t deflate my SUP entirely between uses. Therefore, I don’t have to go through a full inflation process each time I use it. This easily cuts inflation time in half.

Can You Attach a Kayak Seat to the ROC Paddleboard?

Many people ask if you can attach a kayak seat to the ROC Inflatable SUP. As designed, the deck pad does not have the D-rings needed to secure the removable seat.

However, you can easily purchase 4 D-rings and attach them yourself. The process is simple, and you can get a 4-Pack of D-rings for about $15. You will also need adhesive. Vinyl cement is designed specifically for this purpose, plus you can also use it for patching repairs if you ever need it.

Detachable SUP Kayak Seat with Adjustable Straps and Padded BackrestIf you don’t already have a detachable kayak seat, you can get one here for about $45. It has a comfortable padded backrest/seat with adjustable straps with make it very easy to attach to the D rings securely.

For the kayak seat set-up, you’ll spend an additional $60-70. This is a great deal, considering you don’t have to buy a kayak, and you can turn your SUP into a multi-functional board.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Zray hybrid paddleboard-kayak package. It already includes the attached D-rings and kayak seat, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

And I have one last idea. If you want a complete paddleboard-kayak package that includes a kayak paddle (that turns into an SUP paddle), check out the Stingray SUP-Kayak Hybrid.

ROC Inflatable SUP Features

Specs for ROC Inflatable SUP:

Durability and Construction of the ROC Inflatable Paddleboard


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