Z Ray Paddle Board – the Kayak Paddleboard Hybrid

Z Ray Inflatable Paddleboard - SUP Kayak Hybrid

Yes, the Z Ray paddle board is inflatable.

Similar to other popular inflatable SUP’s on the market, the Z-Ray has several attractive features:

1. Good Size & Shape Makes Paddling Easier to Learn.

The size and shape of this board make it stable to stand on and easy to maneuver. Beginner paddlers love this style of board because they feel more comfortable while standing and they can learn the sport faster.

2. Thicker Board Boosts SUP Kayak Hybrid Performance.

Increased 6″ thickness boosts the stability of the board, plus it lets the rider stand higher out of the water. Many people prefer this height advantage, including yoga enthusiasts who want to perform poses above the water.

Strong, Durable Board Construction of the Z Ray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

3. High-Quality Construction Means a Longer-Lasting SUP.

Military grade material combined with drop stitch technology create a strong, durable board. Incidentally, the construction of an inflatable SUP make it a better option for river paddling because it can bounce off rocks and logs without risk of dings (see video below).

4. EVA Deck Pad Makes this Inflatable SUP User-Friendly.

The no-slip EVA Deck pad covers a large portion of the board, making it ideal for paddleboard yoga, fishing and other activities. The padding feels soft on the feet and prevents slipping at the same time.

What Makes the Z-Ray SUP Kayak Hybrid Different?

1. This Inflatable SUP has a Higher Weight Capacity.

Unlike many other inflatable SUP’s that support riders up to 250 lbs, the Z-Ray has a weight capacity up to 320 lbs. This gives you extra flexibility to take your dog with you, load up more gear or… eat more cake.

2. The Z Ray is a Good Multi-Purpose SUP.

Kayak Paddleboard Hybrid - Stand Up or Sit Down on the Z-Ray Inflatable SUP

Although the length of this board is not much different than other models, I do like the fact that it measures mid-range in length. Because of this, you basically get better maneuverability without having to give up lots of stability or speed.

3. You Get a Free SUP Paddle with the Board!

I also like the fact that the package includes a paddle. This way, you don’t have to spend extra money to purchase a paddle separately. Plus, the paddle floats. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing it when you drop it in the water.

Note: The included paddle is made of aluminum, which is less expensive than carbon fiber paddles. Carbon fiber paddles are lighter weight but also more expensive. Most SUP packages include aluminum paddles because newbies typically don’t feel the difference, and they prefer the cost savings.

Z Ray Paddle Board Package with Inflatable SUP, Pump, Paddle and Backpack

Z Ray Paddle Board Package Includes:

The following video is somewhat long, however, it demonstrates how the Z-Ray holds up in river rapids. You can check this out in the first couple of minutes:

Z-Ray SUP Kayak Hybrid Board Review

Z-Ray Paddleboard Specs:



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