How Does the Race Inflatable SUP Stand up to Racing?

Riding Bumps SUP Racing eBookReady to start paddleboard racing? Why not race on an inflatable SUP?

More and more athletes are doing it as paddleboard manufacturers are re-designing inflatables to move faster, track better in the water and achieve better racing results.

What to Look for in a Racing SUP:

You can definitely visually see a difference in the racing style. They are typically a few feet longer than traditional boards, and they feature a pointed nose and narrow back end. Sometimes the entire SUP is narrower in shape.

Yes, you could race on any old board, but if you want to speed up your board, lessen your workload and increase your chances of placing, check out the racing style. For example, Aqua Marina makes the Race inflatable SUP Boards, which is – unmistakably – a racing board.

Aqua Marina Race SUP Package
Race Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board 14’6″


  • Measures 14′ long x 32″ wide x 6″ thick (inflated)
  • Inflates to 15 PSI, very rigid feel
  • Max on-board weight capacity 205 lbs.
  • Attached 5 D-rings with elastic bungee for transporting cargo

If you are new to racing, the Aqua Marina “Race” could be a great board for you because the 32″ width provides significant stability, while the 14′ length gives the board a narrow racing shape for greater speed.

Complete Package: includes board, air pump with pressure gauge, adjustable carbon fiber paddle, carrying bag and detachable tracking fin

Although many people agree that the fastest SUPs are still foam core/fiberglass boards. However, the big advantage that the inflatable SUP has is its transportability.

You can fly halfway across the world and enter a paddleboard race in an amazing location and not have to pay a dime to take your SUP with you on the plane.

Now that’s priceless!

Cheap Race Training Instruction:

Of course, another way to speed up your racing is to get instructions from an expert. You can take a lesson, but you can also get some great tips and a training routine for under $20 in the Riding Bumps SUP Training Guide.

Learn the fastest paddling technique, how to use interval training to your advantage and maybe most importantly – how to avoid burnout! Note: The 24-week “Beginner Battle of the Paddle Training Program” is included.


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