Isle Megalodon – the Giant SUP

Isle Megalodon Inflatable SUP with 9 Kids Paddling on It

Paddleboarding may have just gotten more wild, crazy and fun with the Megalodon – the Giant SUP. It measures 15 feet long, and it holds 4-7 riders, depending on their size.

This Inflatable SUP may be the perfect toy for family camping trips, lake excursions, river rafting and more. It is super versatile and portable at the same time.

Have you ever wanted to get into group paddleboarding? Here’s your chance! Because the Megalodon is inflatable, it’s cheaper to buy and costs less to transport. No need for a fancy roof rack on your car or hefty airline luggage fees. This SUP rolls up to a 53″ long x 14″ diameter size.

In addition to fitting lots of kids, pets or family members on a single board, you can also use the Megalodon SUP for a variety of activities.

Multi-Person Paddleboard Fishing

2 Men Fishing from the ISLE Megalodon Inflatable SUP

For example, you can fish from it. Not only can multiple people stand on it at one time, but it is large enough to carry fishing tackle, drinks and food for an entire day of fishing.

Plus, there are bungee straps, D-rings and more than enough handles with which you can attach your gear. Compared to other fishing paddleboards, this 15-footer provides a lot more stability and space to move around too.

Giant Yoga Paddleboard

Women Doing Yoga Poses on the Inflatable Megalodon SUP

I think inflatable SUPs are perfect for paddleboard yoga because they have a softer surface and typically a larger grippy deck pad. Don’t underestimate the rigidity of an iSUP, though. Many people mistake inflatables for hard boards because they are so firm when inflated.

Compared to paddleboards designed specifically for yoga, this one provides more surface area on which to exercise. Furthermore, the 8″ thickness and 56″ width adds an incredible amount of stability. It creates a great “on-water” workout platform.

River Rafting on an Inflatable SUP

When it comes to rafting, inflatable paddleboards tend to be a better option than their fiberglass counterparts because they simply bounce off of rocks and logs. You don’t have to worry about dings and dents or ruining your SUP.

Megalodon SUP Package with Paddles, Fins, Air Pumps, Repair KitThe larger Megalodon lets you take multiple riders down the river at one time. No need to pay lots of money to rent a raft.

Giant SUP Package Includes

  • 15-foot Inflatable SUP
  • 2 Adjustable Aluminum Paddles
  • 2 High Pressure Air Pumps
  • 5 Removable Fins
  • Repair Patch Kit
  • Carrying Handles

Whether you paddle on surf or flat water, the Megalodon SUP is designed to work on both. You can travel with it virtually anywhere. It’s durable and rugged enough to last many years with regular use.

The features that ISLE has built into this board make it super functional and easy to use. No need to buy a raft, fishing boat and paddleboard when this Giant SUP can do it all!

Megalodon Specs:

  • Dimensions: 15′ long x 56″ wide x 8″ Thick
  • Weight: approximately 50 lbs
  • Material: Military Grade PVC, Korean Drop-Stitch Construction
  • Inflates to 15 PSI
  • SUP Features 16 Reinforced Handles (for easy carrying and holding on)
  • SUP has Double Inflation Valves (inflates in 5 minutes)

About ISLE Surf & SUP:
ISLE makes Surfboards and Paddle Boards and sells them direct online. This means that customers don’t have to pay as much but don’t have to give up quality.


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