What’s My Favorite Feature of the PEAK Inflatable SUP?

Paddleboarding on PEAK Inflatable Paddleboads

What I Really Like About the PEAK iSUP:

The photo above clearly demonstrates one of my favorite things about the PEAK Inflatable SUP: how high it rides out of the water.

This paddleboard is 6″ thick, which is more than the standard 4″ thickness. The additional 2″ means that you can inflate the board to a greater PSI so it more rigid (like a hard board). It also will ride higher out of the water.

These 2 factors combined create more stability for the rider, which is noticeable, especially in choppy surf. A convenient “side effect” of this added height is that your feet can stay drier. If you paddle in cooler waters or early in the morning, you know what I mean.

Stability is also important if you are just getting started with paddleboarding, are interested in SUP fishing, enjoy taking your pet for a ride or want to take up paddleboard yoga. Make sure you get a 6″ model.

3 Colors of the PEAK Inflatable SUP

Speaking of dimensions, the length of the PEAK is 10’6″ and the width is 31″. 31″ wide is fairly average, while the length is on the shorter side of average. The benefit to having a shorter SUP is that it can be easier to turn and navigate the water.

I also like shorter boards because they are easier to carry. I have a few inflatable paddleboards myself, and often I find myself opting for the smaller size because it is simply easier to lift and carry to the beach.

Woman Carrying PEAK SUP Down the Beach by Center Handle

Another advantage to this board is that it can support up to 300 lbs even though it is not extra long. Big and tall riders can paddle comfortably on the PEAK, or you could take your favorite dog out for a paddle.

Speaking of Weight…How Heavy is an iSUP?

The inflatable models are actually a few pounds lighter than their soft top classic hard board, yet you don’t have to worry about them getting dings or dents. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

On top of that, you can travel with them without having to pay hefty airline luggage fees. Just deflate your iSUP, roll it up and stick it in the backpack.

The PEAK Inflatable Paddleboard Package

This iSUP package doesn’t short you on anything. In fact, I think this is the most complete inflatable paddleboard package that I’ve seen. It includes everything you need – and then some.

    PEAK Inflatable SUP Package

  • Inflatable SUP (10’6″ long x 31″ wide x 6″ thick)
  • Adjustable Aluminum Paddle (65″ to 86″) that can break down into 3 parts for portability
  • High Pressure Dual Action Pump with Pressure Gauge (Inflates to 15 PSI)
  • Removable Travel Fin (no tool required)
  • Coil Ankle Leash
  • Travel Backpack which can carry SUP, paddle and pump for you
  • Repair Kit

4 Features of the PEAK Inflatable SUPPEAK Paddle Boards are made by ISLE Surf & SUP.They have been making surfboards and paddleboards in San Diego since 2004, so they’ve got a good handle on what performs well in water.

They make quality gear but they don’t overcharge people for their products. ISLE stands behind their designs with a 1 year warranty, and their customers give them top ratings.

Is There Anything I Don’t Like About the PEAK SUP?

Yes, actually, there is. I’d prefer the board came with 3 smaller fins rather than one large tacking fin. Tracking fins are good for navigating water in straight lines, but smaller fins enable you to make faster turns. Just a personal preference.



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