3 Red Paddle SUP Reviews

Red Paddle SUPsRed Paddle Company makes a line of inflatable paddleboards ranging from the casual recreational boards to the faster racing style SUPs.

They are a higher-end board with a price tag to match, but they offer higher quality in construction and durability as well (as you will see in the video below).

One key feature that I like is that this SUP can be pumped up to 20+ psi. Most other inflatables can only be filled to about a 15 psi level. While 15 psi provides significant rigidity (enough so that many people mistake it for a traditional hard board), 20+ psi takes board stiffness to a whole new level.

Why is this good? Well, the the more rigid the board is the faster it can glide in the water and the less bounce it has in the waves. This makes it a great board (1) for racing and (2) for paddle surfing. If you are planning on doing either of these with your SUP, this is a good option to consider.

Anyway, here’s the video which explains more:

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Here’s my take on 3 of their paddleboards:

Red Paddle SUP 10'8"10’8 Ride

You might know the Ten Eight Ride iSUP as the previously named “Mega”. Although now it goes by a different name, it still offers the same qualities and features as before.

This board is wider than most other SUPs (that run typically between 29″ and 31″), measuring at 34″ wide. The advantage to this is that it provides a more stable surface that is harder to tip.

This makes it ideal for beginners just learning to paddle and for yoga enthusiasts who want a more stable surface on which to practice their poses. It’s also good for heavier, taller people (220+ lbs), supporting multiple passengers (or pets!) and carrying additional cargo (such as a cooler).

Now, I’m not a pro when it comes to board construction, but I do know that Red Paddle uses what’s called “double layer construction”, which essentially translates to a “board within a board”. As you can imagine, this gives this inflatable significantly greater durability, rigidity and strength.

Red Paddle Co also goes the extra mile on the SUP backpack as well. This is not just your standard carrying bag. It’s a comfortable, convenient and well-designed backpack – that also has wheels to you can effortlessly roll it behind you on the ground instead of carrying it on your back. Not to mention, it just looks cool.

Red Paddle SUP Package Includes:

  • SUP
  • Pump with Built-in Pressure Gauge
  • Wheeled Backpack
  • Patch Repair Kit

Red Paddle Explorer SUP 12'6"12’6″ Explorer

As you probably already noticed, the Explorer 12’6″ is almost 2 feet longer than the 10’8″ Ride (above). It also has the capacity to inflate to 25 psi, which is even more rigid than the 20 psi (as if that wasn’t stiff enough!).

Although this SUP is significantly longer than the Ride, it is 2″ narrower. This will make it more streamlined so that it can travel through the water faster and with less effort. It also is about 1″ thicker, which helps it sit higher in the water, gives it greater stability and supports the additional psi which makes it more rigid.

Another thing to notice is the fins. The previous model has 3 small tracking fins, whereas this one has a large center fin (which helps with steering) plus 2 tail runner fins and a nose runner fin as well.

Package includes: SUP, Pump with Built-in Pressure Gauge, Wheeled Backpack and Patch Repair Kit

Red Paddle Racing SUP12’6″ Race

The 12’6″ Race is the same length as the Explorer above, but it is 4″ narrower, which means – you guessed it – it moves even faster through the water. Thus the name: Race.

The features are very similar to the two boards above, but this SUP is designed for people who want to compete in races and not be left behind. And this board is surprisingly fast.

Not only is it streamlined and rigid, is features a rocker line that is designed to propel the board further with the same amount of effort. The Race comes fitted with Red Paddle’s “RSS System”, adding even more stiffness to this already stiff design.

Package includes: SUP, Pump with Built-in Pressure Gauge, Wheeled Backpack and Patch Repair Kit


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