Which Inflatable SUP Should You Buy? What’s the Best?

solstice bali supBeginners

Realistically, beginners can use any board. However, if you want a durable SUP that won’t cost you a lot of money and will be fun to use and easy to transport, check out the Solstice Bali. Another one to look at is the Tower 6″. This board is made extra thick (6″ vs 4″) to provide greater stability for paddlers by riding above the water.

Note: The Jobe Inflatable SUP is another good option. It costs a little more, but it includes a paddle and leash.

Naish SUP Boards Mana & NaluSurfing

Do you want to surf ocean waves? You will want a firm board that does not bounce when riding through rough water. Naish Air lineĀ is designed specifically for surfers – to ride more like a traditional hard board (or those who want to tackle rough surf).

Badfisher Fishing SUPFishing

Do you like to fish? You will want a stable board that offers more surface area to stand and transport gear. The Badfisher was designed with the fisherman in mind – a wide, flat surface with custom edge design and plenty of D-rings and straps for securing your fishing equipment too. It’s super durable for rivers as well.


airhead sup with seatJust like a sit-on-top kayak, that is! Some inflatable SUPs are designed so that you can use them in either a standing or seated position. Well, sure, you can do that with any board, but some models, like Airhead or the Wahoo iSUP, let you attach a comfy seat back (if you you are unsure as to whether or not you can attach a seat to your SUP, check to see if if has 4 D-rings in a square layout at one end of the board).

Surftech Gull SUP with Wet DogDogs

Yes, I said dogs. Do you have one that wants to go paddleboarding with you? Some SUPs are longer and/or wider to accommodate multiple riders at one time, including kids and pets. Take a look at the airSUP and also the Surftech Gull – it’s the fat one.


Bluefin SUP and Kayak Package

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