Best Inflatable SUP Under $550

The Solstice Balisolstice bali sup is your basic inflatable SUP without all of the bells and whistles – but without a high price tag either.

It’s well-made with heavy-duty PVC-reinforced material that gives you a hassle-free board that lets you feel comfortable out on the water.

How Does The Solstice SUP Compare to Other SUPs?

When inflated, it’s very firm, making it easy to stand and balance on, even for newbies. It’s very comparable to the Sevylor Samoa, which I also like but is not always in stock. It’s a good all-around board that you can use on lakes, bays and open surf.

That said, this board tends to bounce more in surf or rough water than other boards like the C4 Waterman that are thicker and have a higher psi. Check out the video below to get details and see how rigid it is.

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Something You May – or May Not Like…

It comes with a pump, gauge and carrying bag. However, what it does not come with a paddle. You have to buy that separately. It’s not as convenient, but it does give you the option to choose the exact style and length of paddle that you want.

If you are looking for a basic paddle that is cheap, the Swimline Solstice paddle is a popular choice because it is adjustable and can be disassembled into 3 pieces.

This makes it easier to travel with, and with an adjustable length, multiple people can use it and basically shorten or lengthen the paddle to meet their needs. It runs about $50


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