Sale! Inflatable Paddleboards Up to 65% Off

Aquamarina Inflatable SUP Bundle with Paddle, High Pressure Air Pump, Carrying BackpackAlthough the winter months bring colder weather, they are a great time to stock up on SUPs.

In this slow-selling season, many vendors bring down their prices and offer great deals. In addition, next year’s models will be coming in soon, so retailers often want to get rid of older gear to make room for the new stuff.

Whichever way you look at it, this is a great time of year to check out what’s on sale and how much money you can save if you’re looking for paddleboards and other accessories. I got my first SUP several years ago in November right around Thanksgiving, and I was so excited to get it I took it out in December.

For the sake of comparison, you usually don’t see many quality SUPs under the $600-$700 mark, and very rarely below $500. And typically, this includes just the board itself (no paddle).

Aqua Marina 6"Aqua Marina has a nice line of inflatable boards that are ideal for the recreational rider. Their packages include a pump and 3-piece paddle, along with fins and a carrying bag.

Now, even though Aqua Marina SUPs are not top-of-the-line racing gear, they are well made and work great for any average rider. In fact, they also now have a 6″ thick model – which is more buoyant and stable than the 4″ versions.

That said, 4″ SUPs are plenty stable, especially when they are 10 feet long or longer. If you want to save an additional $50, the Aqua Marina comes in the same 10’10” length with a 4″ thickness for less money here. One thing to note is that because it is not as thick, the board carries less weight (255 max vs 310 max). For most people this will not matter, but if you are big and tall, want to paddle with your dog or kids, it’s a good thing to know.

If you are not saving enough money already, you can cut another $20 off by choosing a shorter board: 9’9″ vs 10’10”. Although it’s about a foot shorter in length, it’s still plenty long, offering good stability with a max carrying weight of 205lbs. For women or kids, the smaller size can actually be a benefit, because it’s less bulky to carry. You can check out the 9’9″ model here.

** Not all SUP packages include the paddle, which can cost upwards of $100 by itself, so when I see one included in a package deal, I take note. “3-piece” paddles are the ones that you can take apart into 3 pieces for easy portability and traveling.

As I am writing this, the prices for these inflatable SUPs are:

$459 for the 10’10” long, 6″ thick
$399 for the 10’10” long, 4″ thick
$379 for the 9’9″ long, 4″ thick

In my experience, prices online can fluctuate daily, depending on availability and sales. Therefore, don’t wait if you see a price you like. Alternatively, if prices go up significantly from the ones listed above, there may also be a chance of them coming down again – but as with most things in life, there are no guarantees.

Now go have fun on the water!


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