Space Cake: The Shorter, Stable Paddleboard

Slingshot Space Cake Inflatable SUP Paddleboard 7ft 10inThe Slingshot Space Cake Inflatable SUP is different than most other paddleboards on the market due to it’s not-traditional shape. It’s more than 2 feet shorter than most boards and significantly wider.

All that said, a wider and shorter SUP is not for everyone. It really depends on what you want to do with it.

Who It’s For:

In short, it’s really designed for the person who wants greater stability while paddling. This could be for the beginner who is just learning how to stand on an unstable surface – or a dog owner who wants to take his pet out paddling with him – or the yoga enthusiast who wants to take her practice to the water. Of course, it could be someone who wants an SUP for all 3.

Speaking of paddleboard yoga, if you’ve ever tried it, you know that it can be very challenging when you’re just starting out – even if you’re experienced in yoga already. An SUP which can help you balance, hold poses and learn and improve faster will just make the process more fun instead of making you feel like you want to quit.

Who It’s Not For:

On the other hand, wide and short boards are typically not fast. If you want to take up paddleboard racing or have the need for speed, this paddleboard is not for you. You will want a longer and narrower board for that.

Family Use:

If you are simply looking for an all-purpose paddleboard for the family that will hold up to lots of use and can be used by family and friends of all skill levels, the Space Cake is good for that. Not only is it easier to stand on and balance for newbies, but it is made with 2 layers of high-quality PVC material that makes it extremely durable and more rigid for additional stability.

You can pump it up to 15 PSI (higher than many other inflatable SUP). The extra pressure delivers a firmer board and thus, greater stability. The square back end also makes for a more stable surface. I think I’m seeing a stability theme here…

That said, the SUP does not need to be inflated to it’s maximum capacity. It can be used at it’s minimum inflation pressure of 7.5 PSI. This essentially means that if you don’t feel like pumping up your paddleboard all the way, you don’t have to. (Pumping at higher pressure with a manual pump is more challenging and requires more effort.)

On top of all that, it is 6″ thick, contributing yet another level of stability to the equipment. If you’re worried about falling off your board, don’t be ;).

The SUP kit comes with:

  • Inflatable SUP 7’10” long x 30″ wide
  • 2 Detachable Fins
  • Pump to inflate the board
  • Pressure gauge to see pressure while inflating
  • Patch Kit for emergencies
  • Carrying Backpack

Space cake can carry up to 250 pounds, whether that’s people, pets, gear, etc.. Smaller riders will appreciate the shorter board for carrying (actually, a shorter board makes carrying easier for everyone, duh).

**Note: this package does not come with a paddle. You can get one here.

Cool Features:

1. 4 D-Rings for attaching and securing cargo while paddling.

2. A spot for attaching a leash, in situations where you are in rough water, waves or surfing.

3. The SUP material is UV-resistant, which will help you board last longer and stay in better condition. This is something that many people don’t think about until sun damage has already occurred.

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