My Top 2 Picks for an Inflatable Tandem SUP

Do you want an extra large inflatable tandem SUP that can carry multiple people and lots of gear? Red Paddle Co. makes a heavy-duty tandem paddle board that inflates/deflates. So, you can easily take it on camping trips, family vacations, etc.. (It only weighs 34 lbs!)

Inflatable Tandem SUP by Red Paddle Co, for camping, traveling, outdoor family adventures

1. Red Paddle Voyager Tandem SUP:

This long stand up paddle board provides plenty of handles and bungee strap tie-downs for transporting coolers, fishing tackle, hiking gear, camping equipment and more. In addition, you can take your pets paddleboarding, or simply have more space to hang out in the water.

Red Paddle Co Tandem SUP for multiple people, dogs, fishing and moreIt provides plenty of room for several people to comfortably relax. Due to this board’s larger size, the surface also provides more stability for beginners.

Having said that, this extra long SUP can require more effort for a single paddler. Therefore, if you think you will paddle solo more often than tandem, you may be better off buying a 1-person iSUP.

On the other hand, if you have lots of kids that like to play together or you simply want to carry just one board for 2 people, an inflatable tandem SUP can provide a convenient option.

Tandem SUP Package with Paddling Accessories:

  • Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
  • 2 High Pressure Air Pumps with Pressure Gauge
  • 1 Detachable Fin
  • Carrying Backpack with Wheels
  • Waterproof Case to Carry Cell Phone
  • Repair Kit

This Red Paddle Tandem Paddleboard package includes a bunch of gear and equipment, especially useful for traveling. However, you will need to buy SUP paddles separately.

Specs for the The Red Paddle Inflatable Tandem SUP:

  • Inflated Dimensions: 15′ Long x 34″ Wide at Center x 8″ Thick
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: Up to 3 People
  • Fins: 1
  • Tie Downs: 2
  • Handles: 7
  • Model: Tandem Voyager MSL
  • Brand: Red Paddle Co.
  • Get the Red Paddle SUP Here

2. Peak Titan Multi-Person SUP:

Second, I like the PEAK Titan multi-person inflatable SUP. This board measures about the same in length as a standard one-person paddle board. However, it measures a whopping 14″ wider at the center than your standard paddle board.

Multi-Person Inflatable SUP

Therefore, you get significantly more stability and weight capacity. In fact, this inflatable paddle board can hold up to 500 lbs.

Titan Multi-Person SUP VS Voyager Tandem Paddle Board:

1. The Titan has a Lower Price.

The PEAK multi-person inflatable SUP package looks very attractive because it costs virtually half of what you’d pay for the Red Paddle above.

Plus, it comes with 2 paddles along with a duffle bag, 2 high pressure air pumps, detachable center fin and waterproof cell phone case. In other words, you can save over $1,000 on your board and SUP paddles.

Red Paddle Tandem Inflatable Paddleboard VS Peak Titan Multi-Person Inflatable SUP

2. The Multi-Person SUP May Work Better for Solo Paddlers.

Since the Titan measures 3 feet shorter than the Voyager, a single paddler can turn it without a lot of effort. On the other hand, the 15-foot tandem board can be awkwardly challenging to navigate for a single person because of its length.

That said, I’d still recommend a 1-person stand up paddle board for individual paddlers simply because you will find them easier to use. However, if you want to go fishing or something (with lots of gear), you may find this wide SUP more comfortable.

3. What is the Best iSUP for Yoga?

You may have already guessed that the wider Titan provides a more user-friendly surface for doing paddleboard yoga. The size and shape provides additional stability for balancing, not to mention more area for poses.

Note: If you are a large/tall paddler who wants a dog-friendly SUP, this may be the perfect paddleboard for you.

Multi-Person Inflatable SUP Features

Specs for the The PEAK Titan Inflatable Tandem SUP:

  • Inflated Dimensions: 12′ Long x 45″ Wide at Center x 6″ Thick
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 12 PSI
  • Carrying Capacity: 2-4 Riders
  • Fins: 5 (1 Removable)
  • Tie Downs: 1
  • Handles: 8
  • Model: Titan
  • Brand: PEAK Paddle Boards
  • Get the PEAK Titan SUP Here

Inflatable SUPs Give You More Versatility and Travel Options:

High-quality blow up paddleboards are built with military grade PVC, and these larger boards have the same long-lasting durability. They can last many years (mine is already over 7 years old and going strong).

In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting dings, dents or cracks. Therefore, you can take these boards down rivers and streams with confidence. (Although you might want to remove the long center fin first.)

Peak Multi-Person Inflatable SUP paddling AccessoriesAs you’d expect, it would be extremely inconvenient to travel with a tandem paddle board that did not deflate.

Plus, the lightweight PVC construction makes travel even easier. They weigh less than 35 lbs and measure approximately 36″-54″ x 24″ x 12″ rolled up and deflated (depending on the board you choose).

Note: Not to mention, a tandem iSUP isn’t a monstrous piece of sports equipment that you have to figure out where to store. =)

Final Thoughts on Shopping for a Tandem Inflatable SUP:

Shop, Compare and Buy Inflatable Paddle Boards at the Best PriceJust so you know, many paddleboarders agree with my choice for best tandem iSUP, as you can read their reviews. Not only are these boards popular, but the companies are top-rated as well.

Having said that, a larger multi-person SUP may not offer you the best option. Actually, you can buy 2 single-person inflatable paddleboards for the price of one of these. Those boards typically perform better for surfing or racing as well.

Not sure about buying an inflatable tandem SUP?

Shop, compare and find the best inflatable SUP for you using our handy comparison chart.


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