BIC Sport Performer SUP Air – How Does It Compare?

Bic Sport Performer SUP Air Inflatable PaddleboardBIC Sport makes a very versatile inflatable paddleboard with extreme durability. In fact, you can use the BIC Sport Performer SUP Air to paddle, surf, fish, do yoga or ride down rapids.

The rigid, durable structure rides well in the water. Plus, the upgraded design enables it to weigh less than traditional inflatable SUPs in the past. (Therefore, it’s easier to carry and travel with.)

However, it costs more money than other comparable iSUPs. And, I don’t think the on-deck features and paddleboard accessories that you get in the package make it worth the higher price.

In addition, the wide center and rounder shape give this paddleboard more stability. In other words, it can perform well in various weather conditions as well as for people of different skill levels. (Even beginners!)

Don’t get me wrong. The Performer is a high-quality inflatable SUP that can last you many years. You may just want to buy it when it goes on sale.

In the video below, you can see how rigid and durable this inflatable paddle board is. You can also watch how it rides on ocean surf.

How the BIC Sport Performer Compares to Other Inflatable SUPs:

Right now, the Performer SUP Air costs about $650. The package comes with a paddle, pump, backpack, leash, fin and repair kit.

Inflatable SUP with 3-Piece Paddle PackageCompare that to the Swonder Inflatable SUP which includes a package almost identical to the Performer. However, the Swonder costs about $200 less.

In fact, it features a very similar industrial strength PVC material along with reinforcement bands. Although it does weigh about 1 lb more than the BIC SUP.

The Gili Inflatable Paddleboard is another very similar model to look at, since it prices in at only about $465.

Nixy Inflatable Paddleboard Package includes high pressure pump, paddle, backpack, fins and coiled leashThe NIXY Inflatable SUP costs about $120 less but can inflate to 20 PSI (significantly more rigid). Therefore, it can carry up to 300 lbs (vs 200 lbs of the BIC).

The manufacturer also offers a longer 2-Year warranty. And, they give you an upgraded backpack… with wheels!

Talk about easy travel.

GoPlus $300 Inflatable SUP PackageAnd, if you want to go cheap, you save over 50% by getting the GoPlus iSUP. It has an attractive deck design, plus it includes all of the same accessories (except the leash).

That’s right, it costs under $300 and can do virtually all of the same things.

Having said that, the GoPlus weighs about 6 lbs more because it doesn’t use the latest board design materials.

Note: Something I did notice about the BIC Sport Performer is that the deck thickness measures 4.75″ instead of 6″. Typically, thicker boards have a more rigid feel, ride higher out of the water and provide more stability.

Bic Sport Performer Package Includes:

  • Stand Up Paddleboard
  • 2-Piece Adjustable Paddle
  • Removable Tracking Fin
  • Leash
  • Oversized Heavy Duty Backpack
  • High Pressure Dual Action Air Pump with Pressure Gauge
  • Repair Kit

About the SUP Air Heavy Duty Construction:

BIC Sport uses some of the latest technology in their inflatable paddleboards to make them ultra durable and rigid.

First of all, they wrap an ultra high-density Dyneema® Stringer belt around the board from nose to tail. This adds rigidity.

SUP Air Heavy Duty Board Construction

Second, they added double layer rails to reinforce the sides of the board (where abrasion is most likely to occur). This maximizes the life of the board and helps to maintain its shape.

Third, BIC incorporated top and bottom stringers to boost stiffness. In addition, this feature actually helps to reduce weight as well as make the SUP easier to roll up.

Note: The Bic Sport user guide explains (with photos) how to inflate your paddleboard and attach the fin. Plus, it demonstrates how to deflate your board and the simple trick to rolling it up tightly.

BIC Sport Performer SUP Air Specs:

BIC Sport Inflatable Paddleboard

  • Dimensions:10’6″ Long x 33″ Wide x 4.8″ Thick
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Board Weight: 23 lbs
  • Max PSI: 15 PSI
  • Fins: 1 Single 9″ Long Center Fin
  • Color: Blue/Orange/Grey
  • Model #: 102409 | Performer Air
  • Manufacturer: Bic Sport, Phone: (508) 291 2770
  • Get the Performer SUP Here


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