Supflex Inflatable SUP – 4 Reasons Why I Like It

Fun Flowery Supflex Inflatable SUP PackageIf you want an SUP that is easy to ride for casual paddling, you’ll like the Supflex 10-foot inflatable stand up paddleboard.

What Makes the Supflex SUP Great?

1. Easy to Ride First of all, I like the Supflex because it has a shorter, easy-to-maneuver design. In other words, you can make sharp turns more easily and navigate narrow waterways better.

2. Great Design for Yoga Second, the wide textured deck pad makes this SUP great for doing yoga poses. Plus, The firm, stable makes it easier for beginners to balance and learn faster.

3. Strong, Durable and Low Maintenance Third, this inflatable SUP has military grade PVC and drop stitch construction. Basically, this means that you get the rock-solid feel of a hardboard without having to worry about repairing dings or dents in your board. =)

4. Easy to Travel With Fourth, the package includes features that make it convenient for traveling. Whether you want to fly on a plane to an island beach or pack your board in your car for a camping trip, the Supflex is ready!

Not to mention, this flowery SUP makes me smile just looking at it. If you like unique and different, this tropical paddleboard is just your style.

10-Foot Fun Flowery SUP from Supflex

Supflex SUP Package Includes:

Supflex Paddleboard Accessories: Paddle, High Pressure Pump, Heavy Duty Backpack, Coiled LeashCompared to buying a standard hardboard, many inflatables typically come as a complete package. Therefore, you don’t have to buy more accessories before you hit the water.

In addition to the blow-up paddleboard, Supflex gives the following items below. I also explain why these add-ons are such a good value

1. High Pressure Dual-Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

First of all, you need an air pump to inflate your board. Low-end packages normally include a single action pump with a pressure gauge.

However, this pump will inflate your iSUP twice as fast due to the “dual action” function. In addition, the pressure gauge attaches to the pump itself. Therefore, you can instantly see your inflation level without having to detach the pump.

2. 3-Piece Adjustable Aluminum Paddle

Second, you get an SUP paddle that you can break down into 3 small sections for easy travel. Plus, you can adjust the length for riders of different heights.

The aluminum construction costs less than higher-end fiberglass paddles, and it weighs a little more. That said, it still floats, and it saves you some money.

Not to mention, aluminum SUP paddles can cost $50-100 by themselves…

Supflex Inflatable Paddleboard with Dog

3. Coiled Leash

Leashes are handy to have when paddling in rougher surf like ocean waves or river rapids. For example, if you fall off your board, you don’t want it to float away from you.

Coiled leashes differ from straight leashes that you typically see surfers wearing. Coiled leashes work better for paddling because they cinch up so the line doesn’t catch on stuff. Not to mention, they minimize the tripping hazard.

4. Backpack Carrier

If you travel frequently with your iSUP, these heavy-duty backpacks are essential. I like this SUP backpack because it features ventilated mesh sides to help your gear dry out.

5. Removable Fin & Repair Kit

The center tracking fin removes easily when traveling. Plus, the patch kit is nice to have, just in case you need it.

Specs for the Supflex Inflatable SUP:

Supflex Inflatable SUP

  • Dimensions: 10″ Long x 30″ Wide x 6″ Thick
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (rider + cargo)
  • Board Volume: 230L
  • Board Weight: 22 lbs
  • Max PSI: 15 PSI
  • Fins: 3 (2 Stationary, 1 Removable)
  • Includes 5 Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • Bungee Cord to Secure Cargo
  • Color: Flowery Turquoise
  • Also Comes in Blue, White, Yellow or Green Stripes
  • Manufacturer: Supflex
  • Phone: (407) 227-7228
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Get the Supflex Flower SUP Here


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