Saturn Inflatable SUP Review

Saturn Makes Good Stuff.

saturn supSaturn is known for making heavy duty inflatable water sports equipment like kayaks, boats and now paddleboards. This is a good thing to know when buying inflatables, because it helps to buy from a company who already has a good track record.

It’s Cheaper – but Not Short on Features.

They offer several different SUPs in various lengths and widths, but this model is the least expensive that I have found. It’s a medium-sized board, so most people will be able to use it just fine.

It also offers lots of other nice features, like multiple fins for better maneuvering, lots of D rings for attaching gear, a carrying handle for easy transporting and a large track pad so there’s less room to slip.

It’s also super durable and strong, with reinforced, extra-thick material on the top, sides AND the bottom. If you’re looking for a tough, long-lasting board, you’re in the right place.

What is Included with the SUP?

It also comes as a complete kit – with a pump, carrying bag, repair kit and adjustable paddle. The paddle is a nice cost-saving feature because when you have to buy it separately, it can run you on average an additional $100-$150.

A Nice Bonus:

One thing I noticed about this inflatable SUP is that it is 6″ thick. This is thicker than other boards in this price range (about $550-$600), and the extra thickness makes boards sit out of the water more. Therefore, they are more stable to stand on and are faster in the water as well.

To see how it performs in surf, check out this video:

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