Looking for an Inflatable Surfboard?

With the rise in popularity of paddleboarding and inflatable SUPs, some people are starting to look for inflatable surfboards that they can easily transport with them to beaches everywhere.

Not all SUPs will manage well in surf, but here are some that will – and what to look for.

1.) First, you want a firm board. The higher the PSI rating, the more firm the board will be, when translates to less bounce in choppy surf conditions. 15PSI is a good rating to look for, although SUPs with 12PSI have worked well as well. In addition, some 6″ thick boards have a higher PSI rating than 4″ thick boards. Keep this in mind when shopping for gear.

2.) Second, shorter boards will be able to navigate the waves better. Typically, longer boards will provide greater stability (which is great for beginners or larger riders), but SUPs are generally long anyway, so getting a “shorter” SUP is sometimes equal to the length of a longboard for surfing.

Isle Surf & SUP makes a wide range of boards for both surfing and paddleboarding. In short, they know their stuff when it comes to surfing and paddling.

Their Isle 10′ Inflatable is one of their more lower-priced models. It designed for paddleboarding and surprisingly (or maybe not really a surprise…) can also handle surf quite well.

You can see for yourself how it performs the video below (the model shown is actually the longer 12′ 6″ board, so you can imagine how much better the shorter 10′ board rides).

Another great SUP for surfing is the Tower Adventurer 9’10”. This very popular stand-up paddleboard is an extremely rigid board with a high rider weight limit (350 lbs) compared to other SUPs.

This model has the same measurements of the Tower Fit hardboard (also made by Tower), which you can see tackling surf in the video below. The big difference is that the Adventurer can be quickly deflated, rolled into a bag and taken on the plane with you to Hawaii, San Diego or Costa Rica.


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