New Boardworks SUP – SHUBU Raven

What happens when you have an award-winning hardboard SUP? You turn it into an inflatable of course! The SHUBU Raven Inflatable SUP is just that, and it’s out now.

12'6" Shubu Raven Inflatable SUP

Who Would Like the Shubu Raven SUP

If you are a newbie, are an extra tall or large rider or simply want a faster more stable ride, you will like this inflatable SUP. This inflatable is a good all-around board that can take surf, river rapids and flat water.

It’s fast enough to take racing as well, although the board can’t win by itself. =) By the way, the Sea Eagle makes another racing inflatable sup with a streamlined design called the Needlenose SUP.

Is this Inflatable Paddleboard Well-Made?

This board is made of heavy duty – yet extra lightweight materials, and is 6″ thick (translation: extra-thick) so it sits out of the water, is more stable and has a faster ride. It’s also extra-long at 12′ 6″.

Most people usually can’t tell just by looking at it, but this board is made from military grade material and UV-resistant rubber. It’s really tough. Most boards like this can bump into and run right over river rocks and boulders unscathed. This is not your grandmother’s paddle board, in the case that she had one.

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What Comes in the Shubu SUP Package?

It’s a very versatile, all-water board with a detachable center fin that you can remove when you’re paddling in shallow water, for example. It also comes with a convenient carrying backpack, high-volume pump and pressure gauge, bungee strap system for carrying gear while paddling plus repair patch kit in the rare case that you need it.

Not sure if the Shubu Inflatable SUP is the best paddle board for you? Check out the Inflatable Paddle Board Comparison Chart.

You can compare SUP prices, sizes, ratings and special features that may interest you. It makes shopping for a paddleboard quick and easy, plus you can probably save yourself some money too. =)


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