New Airis SUP Review [w/ HardTop Deck & Built-in Storage]

Airis Inflatable SUPOne possible downside to paddleboards is the fact that they really don’t have any built-in storage.

Sure, many have cargo straps or at least D-rings to which you attach some – and then you can strap-in your “carry-on” luggage. However, if you have smaller items that you may be more concerned about losing (should you hit a strong wave and fly overboard…), such as a phone, camera or wallet – it might be convenient to have a build-in storage compartment that is more secure and out-of-the way.

Airis SUP Review of New Storage Compartment:

The AIRIS HardTop SUP is different from any other model I have seen. The fact that it is inflatable gives it the ability to have even more features, too.

Airis SUP StorageBuilt-In “HollowDeck” Storage:

First of all, there’s a cool compartment built right into the Airis paddle board where you can store small items safely out of the way. I’ve never seen anything like it.

You’ll notice that the board features cargo straps toward the back of the board, which can be great for shoes, dry sacks and larger items you want to carry with you. Now, check out the front end of the paddleboard – it’s has a concealed inner pocket for carrying even more stuff. It’s a great extra feature that doesn’t hinder your paddling in any way.

This Inflatable SUP has a Hard Top & You Can Still Roll it Up.

Secondly, the Airis iSUP is designed to be more rigid that its other inflatable competitors – in that it includes a “HardTop Deck made of RigiDeck EVA Covered Fiberglass Steps (2 rigid base plates that create a solid area to stand on). Some even consider this to be a hybrid sup. This unique feature helps paddlers with their balance – making it easier to surf waves, ride down rapids and compete in races.

This is on top of the already 12-PSI high-pressure inflation capacity and 6″ thickness which offer an extra-rigid feel already. Thicker iSUPs such as this help make paddleboards more rigid – and help them ride higher in the water than 4″ boards, making them a faster, more streamlined board.

Even though it provides a sturdier surface, this inflatable can still be deflated and rolled up just like the rest of ’em. You can still pack it in the truck of your car or take it on an airplane without paying additional hefty luggage fees. Yes!

One of the Better iSUPs for Racing…

Third, this board has a great streamline design. The narrow tip and tail give this paddleboard a smooth ride that is faster than other inflatables with a round nose. If you’re thinking about racing or simply want a faster easier ride, go for the longer board.

2 Airis Paddleboard Lengths:

  • 11′ long, 2′ 5″ wide
  • 12′ 6″ long, 2′ 7″ wide

Note: It comes with a pump and a carrying bag, but no paddle. You’ll have to get your own separately. If I had anything negative to say about this package in this review, it would be that no paddle is included, but all-in-all, it’s not a bad deal (especially with the great price on shipping).


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