Different Ways to Use Your Inflatable SUP

Paddleboarding is a unique sport, in that you can use it for multiple activities. This goes for traditional hard boards and inflatable boards alike.

Many people initially buy a paddleboard to paddle, obviously, but as more exercise enthusiasts find out about this sport, the more ideas they bring to the board. Let me explain…


First, you can paddle. However, a nice benefit to this sport is that you can go at any speed you like. Some people like the sport exclusively for fun and recreation on the water. Others want a full-body workout and there is still another group who is more competitive, and they train and enter races to compete.


woman doing yoga pose

Second, you can do yoga on a paddleboard. There are actually resorts and clubs that offer yoga paddleboarding classes. You don’t have to be experienced at yoga to enjoy doing it on a paddleboard. There are a variety of postures that you can do, and you can start with basic moves and then progress to more challenging positions.

Practicing yoga outdoors on top of the water is a completely different experience than in a studio. Plus, the poses require additional balancing strength when done on a less stable platform. Your core really gets a workout.

Your Gym Workout (Strength Training)

Third, personal trainers are offering the traditional gym workout on a board. As you’ll see in the video below, this is a great option for people who want to get out of the gym but still so strength training exercises that are challenging.


Kayaking and Fishing

Fourth, paddleboards can be used as sit-on-top kayaks, and some people even fish off of them. Because they are wide and long, they are typically more stable than other boards and offer a good amount of cargo space. It’s a great alternative to a kayak or canoe, which can be more expensive and less convenient to transport.


Fifth, let’s not forget fun and games. One paddleboard can support multiple small children and can provide hours of fun as a water vehicle and play space in a lake. It can be great to bring along on family vacations or camping trips.

You’ll probably find even more ideas of ways you can enjoy your paddleboard the longer you have it. You can even use it to lay out in the sun, read a book and get a tan…

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