Inflatable SUP for Racing – Save Almost 50%

Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable Paddle BoardInflatable paddleboards are generally not known for their speed and ease of navigation. They are better known for their portability, which can be a nice convenience.

But Now, You Can Get Speed + Portability in 1 Board!

That said, Tower Paddle Boards has come out with an 8-inch thick, 14-foot long racing SUP that is inflatable. It’s called the Xplorer. It is very fast and rigid when compared to other top inflatable SUPs, which makes it a definite contender for the racing market.

Racing boards are generally longer and thicker than other SUPs, but in the hardboard style, they become more difficult to transport and to store. By being inflatable, the Xplorer instantly solves these problems.

Price Discount…

You can also get the 14′ Xplorer for less money than a comparable hardboard. This is another nice benefit, since specialized SUPs can get quite expensive. Save yourself some money and be able to use it more often in more locations – seems like a win-win to me.

The Durability is Pretty Impressive

Tower makes incredibly strong and durable paddleboards. Inflatable SUPs may not seem indestructible until you see their staff drive a car over one – or drop one off the roof of a building. You also don’t have to worry about dings that you get with traditional hard boards.

Who is This Board For?

Even if you’re not racing, a fast board can be nice for regular workouts. If you’ve ever ridden one of the lower-end inflatable models alongside another hardboard, you know that it can sometimes be struggle to keep up.

A Terrible Joke.

The Xplorer Inflatable SUP has a lot going for it and not really any downside that I can see – unless you don’t like walking on air. OK, that was a terrible joke.

By the way, in addition to getting a fast board, another critical part of paddleboard racing is learning to paddle faster. Thanks to Standup Paddle Magazine, Jim Terrell of Quick Blade Paddles shares some tips on paddling faster here.

Having the right fuel on race day can also work to your advantage. Here are some race day refueling tips from SUP Magazine.


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