Big EZ Air Inflatable SUP on Sale

Big EZ Air Inflatable SUPPau Hana has taken their popular epoxy foam hardboard and created an inflatable version – that costs less!

On sale now!

It’s stable and durable, so you’re not getting any less in quality – but now you can easily transport it all over the world to all of the paddleboarding and paddlesurfing locations you want to explore.

Yes, that’s right. You can surf on this baby. It’s extremely rigid, due to the fact that it has a high psi (18psi). In fact, just looking at it, many people will not be able to tell that it’s an inflatable SUP!

Because it is so rigid, this board also offers more stability – which is great for both beginners and those who want to take on big waves.

No high shipping fees or dings. Just deflate it and take it on the airplane with you.

Some other stuff it comes with:

  1. A high pressure pump
  2. A repair kit just in case
  3. Convenient durable travel bag
  4. 3 fixed fins
  5. Tie-downs in front to secure any cargo pr gear
  6. Center carrying handle for easier carrying

Here’s are the stats of the Pau Hana Big EZ Air inflatable SUP:

Length: 11 feet long
Width: 32 inches
Thick: 4 inches thick
Weight: Just under 30 pounds
High Psi Inflatable, Up To 18 Psi

Important Note: Don’t miss the red “Free Gear” button where you can get a free SUP paddle to go with your board (value $125!)


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