Body Glove Inflatable Kayak SUP – How Does it Compare?

Do you want a stand-up paddleboard that you can also use as a sit-on-top kayak? The Body Glove Inflatable Kayak SUP lets you do both, plus the board features 4 foot pegs for extra comfort.

Body Glove Glide iSUP with Kayak Seat and Foot Pegs

Is the Body Glove SUP Different from Other Kayak Paddleboards?

Built-in Foot Pegs: First of all, the built-in foot pegs provide a solid surface for you feet while in the seated position. Therefore, you have better stability and more traction when paddling through the water.

The Glide 11′ is the first inflatable paddleboard that I’ve seen to have these foot braces. For that reason, it really stands out from its competition. If you plan on doing frequent kayak paddling, keep this feature in mind.

Inflatable Kayak Plus Paddleboard for Multi-Sport Families

Detachable Ergonomic Seat: Second, this SUP package comes with an ultra-rigid high back seat which also helps with stability and balance. In addition, you can adjust the seat back for ultimate comfort.

When you look at the seats on other kayak-SUPs, most have a soft, flimsy construction. As a result, you don’t get that lower back support, nor does this unstructured design help you with balance.

Combined, these two features make seated paddling much more enjoyable on the Glide 11′. They help prevent leg cramping and lower back pain, which can easily ruin a fun day on the lake.

Zray Kayak SUP with SeatNote: All that said, these other boards cost less and can save you some money. You can compare the SUPs yourself with the Stingray Hybrid Paddleboard Kayak and the Aqua Discover SUP with Kayak Seat.

What Do You Get with the Body Glove Glide 11′?

By the way, the Body Glove Glide 11′ comes as a complete package. In other words, you get everything you need to start paddling when you receive your SUP.

1. Inflatable SUP with Kayak Seat & Foot Pegs

This paddleboard has a heavy-duty drop-stitch construction that makes the extra durable and virtually puncture-proof. In addition, Body Glove added a triple-layer stringer to increase the rigidity of the board. This prevents any bounce in rough water and gives you a more stable ride.

Body Glove Dual Action High Pressure Air Pump for Paddleboards

2. High-Pressure Dual Action SUP Pump

The high pressure air pump allows you to inflate your board to a higher pressure. Moreover, the dual action function enables you to blow up your SUP faster with no additional effort.

3. Adjustable 4-Piece Kayak Paddle

Instead of getting the typical 3-piece paddle like you would with most SUP kits, here you get a 4-piece paddle. Therefore, you can switch between stand-up paddling and kayaking paddling without having to purchase an extra paddle.

4. Heavy Duty SUP Backpack

This extra large backpack can transport your iSUP, paddle, pump and more. So, if you want to travel with your board, this pack makes the task much easier.

5. Coiled Leash

You don’t always need a leash while paddling, but you may want one in rough water so your board doesn’t get away from you. The coiled leash works better form paddleboards than straight leashes because it can expand and contract. Therefore, it is less likely to catch on something or get in the way.

6. Dry Pouch (to keep small items dry, like phones)

If you are carrying your keys, a phone or a camera, a dry pouch will come in handy. Not to mention, it will give you peace of mind. =)

Body Glove Inflatable Kayak SUP

In summary: Body Glove offers a great kayak-SUP package here. However, if you don’t plan on using the detachable kayak seat often, you may want to opt for a different model.

For example the Performer 11′ doesn’t have the detachable seat, but it also doesn’t have the foot pegs, which can get in the way while stand up paddling.

Specs for Body Glove Inflatable Kayak SUP:

  • Dimensions: 11′ Long x 32″ Wide
  • Max Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Board Weight: 31 lbs
  • Material: Heavy Duty Poly Vinyl Fabric
  • Fins: 2 Short Outer Fins
  • Color: White with Blue Stripe
  • Manufacturer: Body Glove
  • Phone: (573) 615-1055
  • Where to Buy the Inflatable Kayak/SUP


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