What I Think About the (Inflatable!) NIXY Yoga SUP…

NIXY Yoga SUP PackageOver the years, I’ve realized that as much as I’d like it to, one paddleboard can’t do it all.

If you want to use your SUP for a specific activity, like fishing, racing or paddleboard yoga, then you want to buy a board that is designed for what you want to do.

Although I am an amateur, I’ve spent a good amount of time practicing yoga on the water. I quickly realized that my narrower SUPs were too unstable for me to enjoy balancing poses. The Nixy solves this problem.

Why is this SUP Great for Doing Paddleboard Yoga?

When I found the NIXY SUP, I immediately liked the design. It’s wide in the middle as well as having a wider tail and nose. This provides a lot more stability, not mention space to move around.

In addition, it’s 6″ thick. If you’ve read other reviews on this site, you already know that I prefer 6″ paddleboards over the 4″ models. The extra 2″ also make the board more stable. It also lifts the surface higher off the water, which is nice when you are moving your hands and feet around it trying to balance.

Of course, an SUP that provides a solid, stable surface is perfect for beginner paddlers as well. If you’re just getting into the sports of paddleboarding, this is a great option (for both paddling and yoga).

Don’t Get this Paddleboard If…

Wide-body paddleboards such as this are not designed for speed. If you want to race someone, it’s likely you will lose. Well, unless they are also on a yoga paddleboard or they fall into the water…

If you want a fast board or want to get into racing, look for a board that has a narrower body as well as nose and tail, like this one.

NIXY Yoga SUP Specs:

  • Dimensions: 10’6″ long x 34″ wide x 6″ thick
  • SUP inflates to max 15 PSI
  • Ride weight capacity: 240 lbs
  • Bungee straps mounted on deck for carrying cargo while paddling

The NIXY is a really sturdy, durable paddleboard. Like most other models, the body is constructed using drop stitch PVC. This makes it really firm when you inflate it to 15 PSI. I still receive comments from people who are surprised that it is actually inflatable. From looking at it, they think it’s a hard, foam core board.

Another bonus with this yoga paddleboard is that it comes as a complete package. Many competitors don’t include a paddle, travel bag, leash or repair kit. These accessories can add up in price when you buy them separately, so I always appreciate a complete package that provides all the gear for you.

Paddleboard Package Includes:

  • Inflatable SUP
  • High Pressure Double Action Pump & Gauge
  • 3 Piece Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • Ankle Leash (useful for attaching paddle to the SUP during yoga session)
  • 3 Removable Fins
  • Patch Repair Kit
  • Carrying Backpack for Traveling
  • Comes in 3 Color Combinations: Grey/White, Pink/White or Purple/White

3 Colors of the Nixy Yoga PadddleboardNIXY Paddleboards in 3 Colors

By the way, the reason NIXY Sports can offer such a great deal AND a complete package is that they design, manufacture, distribute and sell the SUPs themselves, so they cut out lots of middlemen who typically increase the price.

If you want some tips on getting started with paddleboard yoga, check out this video…