Stable AND Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board?

Isle Yoga Paddle Board - It's Inflatable?

Not All Paddleboards are Designed Alike.

Even though paddleboard yoga is a hot new sport, not all paddleboards are designed for doing a yoga routine. Some SUPs are better than others, but if you plan on using your gear exclusively for practicing yoga, why not get an SUP designed specifically for that purpose? (You can always paddle on it too).

The ISLE Airtech is created to be a yoga paddle board. It is designed with stability in mind: a wider nose and tail, a center width of 31″ and a thick stable base. It’s shorter 10’4″ length makes it plenty long enough but easier to manage than 12′ or 14′ versions.

It is inflatable, as you probably already guessed, and inflates to 15PSI which adds even more stability to the already thick and wide surface. Like other iSUPs, it also has a large grippy deck pad to prevent users from slipping (just like a yoga mat!).

Cool Yoga Paddle Board Features:

Isle Inflatable Yoga SUP

A Paddle Holder?

A key feature that I really like is the paddle holder on the side of the board. You might not think about it until you are out paddling on the water, but where do you put your paddle while you are doing yoga poses?

Now, you don’t need to wonder, because there is a handy bungee holder on the side of the SUP that keeps the paddle secure and out of the way. No need to worry about it floating away.

There are also additional bungee straps on top of the board for holding a water bottle or other items you may want to bring with you.

Paddle Board Yoga Goes to Exotic Places…

When I think about doing yoga on a paddleboard, I envision a tropical island with warm ocean water and a lot of sun. Maybe even a margarita. OK, that’s a whole new exercise.

Anyway, the ISLE Airtech is also made for travel! Since it’s inflatable, you can simply deflate it, roll it up and stick it in a bag that measures less than 1′ x 3′ (imagine the size of a rolled up sleeping bag). The SUP (inflated or deflated) only weighs 32 lbs.

Isle SUP Carrying BagOn top of that, it comes with an adjustable travel paddle. Now you can take your SUP on the plane with you and do paddleboard yoga on your tropical vacation! No need to find and rent expensive equipment.

What the Yoga Paddle Board Doesn’t Have:

The item that is not included is a carrying bag. If you have a duffle or something similar, that can work just fine. You can save money on a bag. However, if you plan on traveling a lot, ISLE does make a special carrier for transporting your gear.

What’s Included:

  • Inflatable SUP
  • Travel Paddle
  • High Pressure Air Pump (can inflate SUP in less than 5 minutes)
  • Removable Fins
  • Patch Repair Kit

Don’t Be Deceived by this Yoga Paddle Board…

This SUP may LOOK pretty, but don’t be deceived. You can accidentally drive your car over it, and the board will survive just fine. Furthermore, many people prefer inflatable SUPs to traditional hard boards because there is no risk of getting dings and dents.

Isle Yoga SUP, Paddle and Air Pump

4.5 star rating



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