What’s New with the Fisher Blowfish Inflatable SUP?

The Fisher Blowfish Inflatable SUP comes as a complete package with iSUP, an adjustable paddle, removable fin, pressure pump with gauge, carrying backpack and patch kit. Need a replacement fin?

Z Ray Paddle Board Package with Inflatable SUP, Pump, Paddle and BackpackNote: The Fisher Blowfish SUP is no longer available. A better (and cheaper) alternative is the Z-Ray Inflatable SUP for about $300.

The Zray package includes an adjustable paddle, high pressure pump, heavy duty backpack, waterproof phone case AND an attachable kayak seat!

What I Saw First

The first thing that I noticed is that this paddleboard is strong. Many 6″ thick iSUPs advertise that they are more firm and rigid than their 4″ competitors (which is a true statement). However, the Fisher Blowfish is about 4″ thick – but it is strong and rigid like the thicker 6″ models.

The secret is the 1100 Denier double wall PVC reinforced fabric that it’s made with. It’s 183% stronger than the industry average. It is also strong enough to support up to 310 lbs. Now, larger, taller riders don’t have to worry about their inflatable paddleboard sagging in the middle.

So why would you go with a 4″ board instead of a 6″ model? Basically, smaller is easier. It rolls up smaller to stick in your carrying bag, it takes less air to inflate and it weighs a little less when carrying it inflated to the water.

Dimensions: 11′ long, 32″ wide 4.125″ thick

Fisher Blowfish Inflatable SUP Fins:

Another cool feature of this iSUP is the detachable fin. Some inflatable paddleboards are designed with pre-attached fins that are not removable. This can be nice for the fact that they can’t come off and be lost.

However, you can’t switch them out either. If you think you might want to try different styles of paddling, you may want the option to switch out your fin. For example, shorter smaller fins are better for turning and maneuvering around obstacles or objects in the water (or even other paddleboarders). A long deep fin typically makes the board harder to turn, but it is great for keeping your SUP directing straight in the direction your paddle pushes it.

Another point about fins is that this iSUP has 3 of them. Although you can only switch out one, that’s really all you would want to. The smaller side fins act more as stabilizers and can be used with or without the center fin.

As I’ve mentioned in other write-ups, I like these high-pressure pumps that have the pressure gauge built right in. It makes a world of difference when you’re pumping up your paddleboard and makes the process much easier and quicker.

Fisher SUP Deck PadFisher Boards is based out of Encinitas, California and has been producing gear since 2006. In addition to SUPs, the company develops high-quality surfboards, skateboards and technical accessories.

Not only is their equipment well-made, but it looks cool too.


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