Surftech Inflatable SUP – New Model @ a Lower Price

Surftech Skiff Air Inflatable SUP Complete Package with High Pressure Pump and Heavy Duty Carrying Backpack

This 10 foot inflatable SUP is one of the more narrow boards at 29″ wide at the center. Typically, this would make it less stable than the wider boards.

However, its extra thickness makes up for that. Therefore, if you like the look and maneuverability of a narrower board (or maybe the fact that it’s easier to get your arms around it), this is a good choice.

This model is a decent price at under $1000, especially because you can ride it on rivers and surf, in addition to lakes, bays and other flatwater areas.

The Skiff Air iSUP provides extra durability with it’s drop stitch construction. It also includes a high pressure pump and travel backpack.

Advantages of the Surftech Skiff Air:

(1) A narrower board means greater maneuverability. (2) It’s very well constructed and made by a reputable company. These two items combined translate to paddlers being able to take their SUPs and go pretty much anywhere without much to worry about. If you’re adventurous and plan on using your gear in all types of “water terrain”, you will probably be very happy with this board.

Disadvantages of the Surftech Inflatable SUP:

Compared to other similar inflatable SUPs, the Surftech iSUP used to cost more. However, the price has come down.

In addition, the Surftech Skiff stand up padddleboard package does not come with a paddle. Some people prefer to choose their own style of paddle, but keep in mind that it is an extra $50-$100 expense.

The Surftech Air SUP only has 2 D-rings and has no cargo straps, so transporting items may be a little more tricky.┬áThat said, you may not want to strap on gear to your board. Some people don’t carry any items with them, while others use a waterproof fannypack of backpack.

Other notes: it has a center carrying handle, which makes it super easy to transport to the water – even more so since it is a narrower board. Although it is a narrower board, it is not lighter in weight.

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