Sevylor Samoa – & Cheaper Inflatable SUP Alternative?

Lake Paddling on a PEAK Inflatable SUP with Your DogNote: The Sevylor Samoa SUP is no longer available. However, the PEAK 10’6″ Inflatable Paddleboard makes a great alternative.

In fact, this newer iSUP costs less AND comes with an adjustable paddle, high pressure pump, backpack and more!

This SUP still features the same high-grade construction, so although it’s cheap, it is really well made.

Not to mention, this model performs well for various activities. Therefore, you can use it more often for fitness, yoga, fishing or paddling with your dog…

PEAK Inflatable Paddleboard Package with SUP, Paddle, Air Pump, Fin, Backpack and More

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When I first started researching inflatable paddleboards, I was a bit skeptical. How firm could these boards really be, would they take too much effort to inflate or would they pop?

I had tried paddling on a traditional hard board, and I liked it. However, I wanted to be able to take my board with me wherever I went without a bunch of hassle – especially if I wanted to go on a camping road trip or fly with it to a tropical island somewhere.

Then I saw the Sevylor Samoa

The Sevylor Samoa inflatable SUP got may attention. First of all, the Sevylor are made by the same company at Coleman.

Over the years, I have purchased a lot of Coleman products, all of which have exceeded my expectations. In other words, they last a long time and hardly ever need repairs.

I Decided to Give the Sevylor Inflatable SUP a Try…

Sevylor Samoa inflatable sup kit

I bought the kit (the package the comes with board, pump and carrying backpack). However, I already had 4 paddles from all of my Coleman inflatable kayaks. Therefore, I didn’t need to worry about an extra out-of-pocket expense. =)

By the way, the specially-designed paddleboard paddles work much better. They push more water, plus, you don’t have to work so hard paddling. But hey, I had to test it for myself to make sure.

What I Didn’t Like About the Sevylor Samoa:

I had heard that inflating these boards was challenging, and user weren’t kidding. In fact, the last 20 pumps of inflation I am literally sitting on the foot pump with all my weight.

Furthermore, the board has a little bounce. I take mine mostly on lakes, so on flat, calm water I don’t notice any difference in performance. However, I do notice that the iSUP doesn’t glide as fast as hard boards when it hits a wave or goes through choppy water.

Therefore, when I paddle with my friend (who has a fiberglass board), I tend to lag behind. I could blame this on my paddling skills or weak arms but I won’t, I’ll blame it on the board. =)

Need more info on pros and cons of inflatable paddleboards?

What I did like About the Samoa Paddleboard:

This inflatable board feels rigid, all right. In fact, some people who I’ve run into at the beach didn’t believe me when I said it was inflatable.

Moreover, I actually live near a lake. Sometimes, I drive there with the paddleboard strapped to the top of my truck already inflated.

The SUP is easy to move around (not to mention, travel with). Plus, it’s lighter weight than I assumed, and it has a handy carrying handle in the center of the board, which makes picking it up and moving it really simple.

Of course, I can easily deflate it and throw it in the back of my car . Plus, if I have to stop somewhere, I can lock it in my car. This makes it easy to use for lots of different activities.

I have space in my house to store the board fully inflated, so I do. Then, when I take it to the lake nearby, I just throw it on the top of my car like a regular board.

If I take my inflatable SUP somewhere where I need to deflate it, I do so only part way. Therefore, this makes inflating it much easier. In fact, it doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes.

The best price I’ve found for the Sevylor Samoa is $589 with free shipping on Also check out other places to buy it.

Would I Buy an Inflatable SUP Again?

Actually, I’m shopping for another SUP right now. I’ve had my paddleboard for almost 2 years now, and I always wish I had another board so I could take a friend with me.

In addition to the Sevylor Samoa, I suggest checking out the C4 Inflatable SUP (for surfers), Tower Paddle Boards (for huge discounts), Boardworks (for complete traveler’s kit), Uli SUP, NaishairSUP (for larger paddlers or riding tandem), Surftech (for narrower boards), Badfish (for fishermen) and NSP.


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