ROC and Naish Inflatable SUPs for Surfing

Whether you want to try paddleboard surfing, lake excursions or riding river rapids, the ROC inflatable SUP makes a good choice. For instance, the wider center and tail give the board more stability on uneven waters. Therefore, if you want to try using an inflatable SUP for surfing, this one’s easier to learn on.

Roc Inflatable SUP Features

Not to mention, the ROC costs less than $350. Plus, you get an entire package that includes a paddle, high pressure pump, carrying bag and more.

In other words, you get a great deal for the money.

Naish Inflatable SUPs for 2015

Naish Inflatable SUP for Surfing:

Naish makes several different stand up paddleboards – both hard boards and inflatables. The inflatable SUPs carry the “Air” name, so you can tell when you’re shopping around.

Their premium boards are super rigid, which makes them ideal for handing surf. They are also designed with a progressive rocker, so you can more easily turn and maneuver them in the waves.

Naish should know – they also make gear for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Plus, they are based in Maui, Hawaii.

Anyway, I’ll talk about 2 Inflatable SUPs here: the Naish Mana Air and the Naish Nalu Air. They are very similar except one is wider than the other, therefore offering more stability (The Mana is the wide one).

The Nalu Air:

As I mentioned above, these boards are well made and highly-durable. They also include a UV protective “skin” to prevent any damage the sun might want to do while you’re out on the water.

Similar to other models, they come with a high pressure pump and gauge, carrying bag, removable fins and a patch repair kit. Both have a carrying handle, cargo straps and a single D-ring for attaching whatever you want to attach to it. (Other boards include more straps or rings for carrying gear, but if you’re surfing, you probably won’t be transporting a tackle box or camping equipment anyway).

They both are 6″ inches thick (except the 10’2″ shorter version of the Nalu, which is 4″ thick), which helps them ride further out of the water and makes for a faster ride as well.

How do the Paddleboards Compare?

In comparison, the Mana is wider. For example, the Mana measures 33″ wide vs 30″ of the Nalu. This factor increases stability for new paddlers and surviving on bigger waves. Plus, it means that bigger people can ride it.

In addition, the Mana comes with 3 fins, whereas the the Nalu comes with a single fin.

Check out the Mana here | Check out the Nalu here

Interesting Tip: Quality boards are very stiff when inflated, but they also hold up surprisingly well in rugged environments where there may be hard or sharp surfaces, according to Rob Casey, author of Stand Up Paddling: Flatwater to Surf and Rivers.


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