C4 Inflatable SUP – Replaced by New VoyageAir 1100

SurfStow VoyageAir Inflatable SUP for Traveling and Large RidersNote: Do you want a large capacity paddleboard that you can take anywhere? The C4 inflatable SUP has been replaced by the new SurfStow VoyageAir 1100, which includes a complete package deal.

For example, this inflatable paddleboard kit comes with an adjustable paddle, high pressure pump and carrying backpack. In addition, you get a detachable tracking fin and a handy, easy-to-use repair kit (just in case you need it).

In other words, when you receive your paddleboard package, you can immediately start using it. Plus, you can travel with it virtually anywhere because the board deflates, rolls up and fits conveniently into the included SUP backpack.

SurfStow VoyageAir 100 Paddleboard Package

C4 Waterman XXL iSUP Review

c4 inflatable supThis is a popular board that often sells out, probably because it is very versatile. Besides being inflatable and easily transported, it can be enjoyed by both newbies and experienced riders. It is durable, stable and easy to maneuver.

If you are looking for a board to grow with you as you hone your skills – or you are sharing a board among multiple riders, consider the C4.

A Larger SUP Means it Can Carry More Weight

The C4 board shown here is 10 feet 9 inches long. This is the XXL size, which is extra wide, stable and can accommodate people up to 250 lbs.

Note: the C4 Waterman comes in several sizes (ie. 8 foot 1″ and 9 foot 3″). The pictures look identical, yet the prices are different (the smaller the board, the cheaper the price). Keep this in mind as you are shopping, since the 8 foot board can only accommodate people under 150 pounds.

It is designed with a progressive rocker, which is great for surfers or river rats. In fact, it is very popular with surfers who like to travel and avoid expensive surfboard shipping costs.

What Do You Get in the C4 Waterman SUP Package?

First of all, the SUP package comes with an adjustable 3-piece paddle. Therefore, you can save a significant amount of money right off the top. In addition, the C4 comes with a deck pad, air pump, repair kit, travel bag and board strap.

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