AirSUP Inflatable Paddleboard – & What to Buy Instead…

Lake Paddling on a PEAK Inflatable SUP with Your DogNote: The AirSUP Inflatable Paddleboard is no longer available. However, the PEAK 10’6″ Inflatable Paddleboard makes a great alternative.

In fact, this newer iSUP costs less AND comes with an adjustable paddle, high pressure pump, backpack and more!

This SUP still features the same high-grade construction, so although it’s cheap, it is really well made.

Not to mention, this model performs well for various activities. Therefore, you can use it more often for fitness, yoga, fishing or paddling with your dog…

PEAK Inflatable Paddleboard Package with SUP, Paddle, Air Pump, Fin, Backpack and More

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People Paddling on the AirSUP Inflatable Paddleboard

AirSUP Inflatable Paddleboard:

The airSUP, or sometimes known as the SUP Air, has two sizes here – the 4″ and 6″. The 6″ provides extra firmness, maneuverability and stability, however, even the 4″ board can inflate to 15 psi – which to me signifies a very firm board.

airSUP Inflatable Paddleboard PackageairSUP 6″ Thick iSUP

This board is 10 feet long and 32″ wide. The airSUP can be inflated to 15psi, which means that the board is more rigid and faster.

iSUPs that are more rigid generally perform better in chopper water or open surf, since they ride more like a hard board.

This is complete set (minus the paddle), including the pump, detachable fin and carrying bag.

It also comes with a leash, and not many boards come with a leash. This is especially handy in rough water or surf – in fact it’s essential.

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