Traveling with an Inflatable SUP

Many people get inflatable SUPs so that they can take them traveling. Why not?

However, if you plan to travel with your paddleboard, don’t forget that you need to have a paddle that can break down into smaller parts and a high-pressure pump that fits your board. If you don’t have these items, good luck paddling.

If you don’t already have one, a carrying bag is helpful (if not essential). Not only will you be able to carry it on an airplane, but if you have to hike a distance to the lake or ocean where you plan to paddle, a backpack-style carrier will be a dream come true.

Alternatively, you could use an over-sized duffle bag. Make sure it’s made of heavy duty material and that it won’t get ruined by a bunch of water. If you don’t already have an extra bag laying around the house, buying one may cost you just as much (if not more) than a bag designed specifically for an inflatable SUP.




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