How to Store an Inflatable Paddleboard

This may seem like a silly question to some but I wanted to discuss a not-so-obvious storage option that I discovered only after I became an inflatable paddleboard owner.

Deflating it for Compact Storage

Storing an inflatable paddleboard is much easier than with a traditional hard board, since you can deflate it, roll it up and keep it in its compact storage bag in a closet, shelf, cabinet or the trunk of your car.

When I do this, I make sure to hose off and wipe down my board with a clean towel after use and let it completely dry before rolling it up and putting it in storage. That’s really all there is to it.┬áPreferably, you want to store your inflatable SUP for long periods of time in the hot sun or in freezing temperatures. I keep mine in the garage, and it does just fine.

Keeping it Inflated for Less Work

Since I use my SUP on a regular basis throughout the year near my home, I became lazy and did not want to continuously inflate and deflate the board every time I used it. I decided to keep it inflated and store it hanging on the wall in my garage. This way, it’s ready to go whenever I am ready for a paddle.

I usually need to add a little air to the board before I take it out, but that’s nothing compared to completely inflating it. It has performed well over the past year and a half, so I plan to continue to store it that way.

Of course, to store an SUP like this, you need a significant amount of wall space (or ceiling space if you want to hang it from above). A 4″-6″ thick board will need about 8″-10″ space from the wall, but otherwise does not take up much room space.

There are plenty of fancy wall brackets that you can buy to hang sports gear. However, keep in mind that inflatable SUPs are fairly lightweight – and this works in your favor. =)

Cheap & Easy Paddleboard Storage Solution

I use 2 large storage hooks that are as low-tech and inexpensive as you can get. In fact, I think many people use them for storing garden hoses.

What I like about them is that they are the perfect size – about 10″ deep, so they can accommodate an inflatable SUP with no problem. They are also sturdy, so they can easily handle the weight of your gear (and then some).

Unlike other wall brackets, they have the curved hook at the end, so your board stays in place when stored. They are super easy to install with basic screws (I’m talking minutes), and you only need two of them. I like them so much, I started using to store some of my other sports gear as well…


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