How to Clean an Inflatable SUP

Cleaning an inflatable SUP is not complicated. In fact, you may never need to really “clean” your board besides hosing it off after use. A basic rinse-off and wipe down with a clean towel after each use should keep your inflatable board in great condition.

That said, inflatable SUPs can get black scuff marks on them when they rub up against things, when they get loaded in cars or just general use. If your board is white or light-colored (like many boards), you may want to get rid of these scuffs.

Typically the regular rinse off and wipe-down with water won’t cut it – but don’t worry. I have a few different solutions for you…

Oxygen Cleaner

I use an oxygen spray cleaner that is designed to remove stains from clothes and fabric. It doesn’t work instantly, and it does require a little elbow grease, but I have found it great for removing scuff marks and making my board look new.

After I remove the marks with the spray cleaner, I wipe down the board with a clean towel and water to remove any cleaner residue.

Magic Eraser

Some people use the Mr Clean magic eraser. These erasers work well for a lot of household clean-ups, so they can be handy to have around. In fact, if you are into other sports besides paddleboarding, you may already be thinking of other gear you could remove scuffs from….

Something to note: I have also noticed that people say to avoid the generic brands, as they do not work as well – or at all.

Simple Green 

Another option is Simple Green cleaner. I’ve read that this gets results as well, and many people already have this product in their house. It’s biodegradable and non-toxic, which is another bonus.

Like the erasers above, Simple Green is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used on virtually anything, and it works especially well on grease.


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