Bic Sport Air [SUP] Makes Surfing River Rapids FUN

If you like surfing but don’t live near an ocean – have you considered river paddleboarding? With the Big Sport Air River SUP, you can ride endless surf without ever needing a wave. Imagine that!

Bic Sport Air River SUP - Ultra Durable Inflatable Paddleboard for Running River Rapids Without Dings

While being cheaper than most inflatable kayaks and many traditional surfboards, the inflatable Bic Sport Air can save you a lot of money too.

In addition, blow-up paddleboards only weigh about 20-25 lbs, and you can transport them easily. Take them on camping vacations, road trips of airline flights without any additional cost. Not only can you paddle more often, you can save even more money on rental equipment!

Tough SUP Construction Handles River Rapids with Ease

SUP Air Construction

The river SUP definitely makes the list for outdoor adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Plus, the Bic Sport Air features a durable UHMW internal Stringer (see diagram above) and double layer rail construction.

This board can stand up to rapids, while harmlessly bouncing off any boulders and logs you may encounter. Inflatable paddleboards don’t usually get enough credibility for their toughness.

River Paddleboards VS Other SUPs:

BIC Sport Air Inflatable River Stand up PaddleboardCompared to flat water, racing or touring SUPs, the Bic Sport Air has a more stable design for “steadier” riding in unpredictable whitewater.

For example, the board is significantly wider in the center. Plus, you can opt for a shorter 7’6″ long SUP.

By the way, this wider design works well for fishing because it can carry more gear. So, when you aren’t running rapids, you can take your SUP out to catch some fish.

In addition, the fins have a low profile, so you can navigate through shallow rapids more easily. Compared to traditional SUPs which have a single center fin, this board has 4 short “flexi-fins” for quick turns and more control.

Flexi-fins have a soft core and soft edges, making them more forgiving. They will last longer in rough terrain, plus they make turning easier.

Furthermore, the Bic Sport SUP features lots of grab handles, making it much easier to climb on and off the board. Not to mention, you can hang on for your life while riding extreme rapids.

Speaking of climbing on the board, if you happen to fall off while going downriver, you’ll want to be attached to your SUP. Do this with a coiled leash. You can see an example of this in the photo of the rider at the top of this page.

More Information on the Bic Air SUP

Bic Sport Air Specs:



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